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Perkie's Observations: Laura Encourages Cameron to Bring The Family Together on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 10, 2022
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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Portia helps Epiphany study for the MCATs until Curtis and Marshall join them. When alone, Curtis tells Portia about Marshall's schizophrenia and praises his father for having the courage to come back. Curtis asks whether the disease can be passed down. Portia suggests he go in for genetic testing.

Epiphany chastises Marshall for leaving town without a word. He says he's back to stay and asks her out on a date.

Laura's concerned when Cameron says he won't be joining Finn and the others on a camping trip. Cameron is worried about Elizabeth and how things won't work out until she comes home. Laura tells him not to put his life on hold as it will make Liz more anxious. Laura says he should be helping bring the family together.

Spencer tells Ava he's back with Esme, but she wants the truth about his feelings for Trina. Spencer says his loyalty is with Esme, but Ava insists on answers. Spencer blows her off before heading out.

Esme promises to be there with Nikolas if he feels the need to unburden to Ava. Nikolas says they've been given a second chance and doesn't want to throw that away. Nikolas says Ava has made some huge concessions and he needs to reciprocate. Esme offers him a hug for support.

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Ava smells Esme's perfume on Nikolas, but he makes up an excuse. He promises that Esme knows everyone's happiness is dependent on them working together. Nikolas wants to give her something. He tells Ava he wants a divorce.

Spencer tells Cameron he's quitting Kelly's since Ava is giving him his allowance. Cameron says he's going camping and Spencer has to work. After Cameron leaves, Laura wonders what Ava is getting in return for giving Spencer the money.

Felicia's at the hospital when Ryan is brought in for some tests. Mac speaks directly to Ryan, then tells Rory to make sure everything is secure. Felicia talks about babies and Mac asks if she's pregnant which she denies. She says she's just happy to have Bailey in their lives.

Gregory questions Finn about his visit to see Liz. Finn admits Liz asked him to leave. Finn says he's thinking of reaching out to her parents.

Trina opens the email from PCU that states she's in violation, and sanctions will be placed against her. Sanctions include possible expulsion. Trina feels she needs to be the one to prove she's not guilty. Rory arrives in time to offer his support. Trina repeats how she needs to do this alone, but Josslyn feels they need to work together.

Esme heads to the hospital and manages to get in to see Ryan. She tells him about her escapade with Nikolas. Ryan asks what happened when she told Ava and is not happy to hear that Esme hasn't said anything. She says she's playing the long game, but Ryan says he's disappointed in her. 

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