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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Expresses His Displeasure at Esme's Slow Progress on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 13, 2022
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Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

On today's General Hospital recap: Drew and Michael find out that Carly bought shares in Aurora. Michael doesn't want her to take the risk, but Carly is giddy about how well things are working out.

Alone, Michael worries about Carly's investment and tells Drew they need everyone on their side, including Lucy, as she walks by. Michael and Drew approach Lucy, who quickly figures out they want something from her. Michael wants to know if they can count on her vote at the shareholders' meeting.

Lucy points out that Valentin has been doing a good job, but Drew says the family company should be kept in the hands of the family. Lucy wants to know what she gets out of the deal. Drew tells her about the merger which could help Deception. Lucy doesn't give an immediate answer, but promises to be in touch.

Jordan tells Martin there's no evidence the attack on him and Laura was orchestrated by Cyrus. She's not certain who was the one who targeted them. Valentin sees that Martin is worried and offers round the clock security. Martin turns him down and says he's more worried about Laura, who's become family to him.

Martin asks about ELQ and whether Ned will really be on Valentin's side. Valentin is certain Ned will see things his way. Martin doesn't think Valentin should be concerned if he loses ELQ. Valentin says ELQ has been his salvation since he lost Wyndemere to Nikolas and Ava. Valentin asks Martin about Lucy and Martin promises he'll persuade her to vote Valentin's way.

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Sonny tells Jordan he has a ship in the harbor and he's losing money. Jordan says it's not her issue and she can't help him. Sonny brings up his issues with Michael and Jordan reassures him to put in the work and get back in Michael's good graces.

Spencer tells Laura that in exchange for the money, he's allowed to stay at Wyndemere. Laura's confused since Ava wanted Esme gone. Spencer admits he doesn't like Ava, but recognizes that she's important to the people in his life, so he'll tolerate living with her.

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Laura tells Spencer to also mend his bridges with his friends, including Trina. Spencer knows he has no chance with Trina while he's dating Esme. The two talk about Esme's past and Spencer thinks that's the key to Esme.

Ava says she wants her and Nikolas to be open and honest moving forward. Nikolas says he wants a divorce, because there's no saving their current marriage. Nikolas tells Ava to marry him for real this time. Ava's worried that untying the knot means there is no guarantee that they'll be able to tie a new one. Nikolas says it's the best way for them to move forward.

Ryan expresses his disappointment in Esme. Felicia shows up, but Esme tries to throw her weight around. Felicia badmouths Ryan and claims he's just as dangerous as he ever was, despite his locked-in syndrome.

Ryan blinks that he wants Felicia to stay. Felicia warns Esme of Ryan's dangerous side. Felicia tells Esme that Ryan stalked and harassed her for years before moving onto Ava. Esme asks if that's true, but Ryan blinks multiple times. Felicia tells Ryan she's still standing despite him and warns Esme again that he's dangerous to women.

After Felicia leaves, Esme chastises Ryan for leaving out some information when he told her about Felicia. Ryan isn't concerned and mentions again his disappointment that she hasn't told Ava about Nikolas' infidelity. Esme says Ava and Nikolas are devoted to each other, and that she needs to make their break up true. Esme promises that what she has planned will blow up the Cassadine family.

Laura stops by Wyndemere. She's thrilled to see Ava and Nikolas are reunited, and presenting a united front. She gets confused when Nikolas mentions the divorce.

Carly summons Sonny to discuss the kids. Sonny mentions what Michael said about losing his relationship with his kids, and Carly agrees with Michael. 

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