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Court TV Re-Ups Someone They Knew With Tamron Hall For Second Season

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall Show

Tamron Hall will continue to bring her talents to multiple programs. the journalist's eponymous talk show, she will also host another season of Court TV's Someone They Knew With Tamron Hall, per Nexttv.

The true-crime series, which will return for Season 2, brings the story of a crime to life by sharing the narratives of those whom it impacted: victims' loved ones, attorneys, jurors, and more.

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Ethan Nelson, acting head of Court TV, said:

Court TV is on pace for its most-watched year yet. Viewers tuned in for every second of our insightful coverage and expert analysis of the Depp-Heard trial and they have also embraced ‘Someone They Knew with Tamron Hall.’ We are looking forward to having Tamron in primetime as well as the compelling cases we’re planning to air in the months ahead.