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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad Tries in Vain to Save Abigail's Life

Days of Our Lives Recap for June 13, 2022
Chad DiMera, Abigail Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn, Marci Miller

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Paulina's: Allie and Chanel have to bake 300 cupcakes when a late order comes in...and their ovens aren't working. The two share an awkward flirtation and talk about Johnny.

DiMera Mansion: EJ apologizes for making a crack about Jan's baby. Belle accepts and asks to be taken upstairs. As the two get hot and heavy, they hear Chad call out for help.

Chad finds Abigail on the bed with a bloody wound. She's half-conscious when Chad begs her to hang on. Chad puts pressure on the bleeding while calling 911. Abigail moans, "They had a knife." She tells Chad to take care of the kids. As the ambulance arrives, Abigail slips away.

Chad tells EJ to find the kids and keep them away. EJ returns and says Belle took them to Marlena's.

John and Marlena's: Susan tells Marlena and Johnny she thinks something's brewing between Belle and EJ. Marlena spins it that she can't be at Shawn's, but Susan questions why she went to the mansion when she could have gone elsewhere. She apologizes and eats a cupcake. The cupcake gives Susan gets a bad feeling about what's happening at the mansion. When the doorbell rings, Susan says, "Here we go."

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Belle explains what happened at the house. Susan gets a terrible chill and Johnny leaves to find EJ.

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University Hospital: Kayla tells Tripp and Steve he can be released tomorrow, but he says he's not going back to their place. Tripp tells them he's leaving Salem for Seattle to spend time with Joey and Stephanie to regroup. Tripp calls Allie and Chanel to come visit so he can talk to them.

Kayla meets Chad in the ER, who tells him it's too late. Chad says Dr. Rolf will fix it. She explains how he did all the right things and the paramedics and ER staff did CPR for 60 minutes. Abigail lost too much blood and Dr. Rolf can't help her.

EJ doesn't want to leave, but Chad tells him he wants to be alone with Abigail. EJ agrees to go to Marlena's. He tells Chad to call him when he needs him. EJ gives his brother a kiss on the head and waits for Kayla to take Chad away.

Johnny arrives and EJ tells him that Abigail died. EJ leaves and Johnny offers to stay for Chad. Chanel runs into a tearful Johnny, who tells her what happened.

Steve consoles Kayla when she tells him about the news.

Chad's alone with Abigail and tells her how much he loves her. He starts sobbing and asks, "Why?"

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