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Days of Our Lives' Dan Feuerriegel Dishes EJ and Belle's Scandalous Attraction

Belle Black, Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives' EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) is on the verge of a red-hot affair with sister-in-law Belle (Martha Madison). Their recent kiss made Salem sizzle...but is there more to the legal eagles' bond? Feuerriegel chatted with TV Insider about the attraction between EJ and Belle.

Of working with Madison, the Aussie actor said:

She’s tiny, she’s adorable, and she has the sweetest heart and the sweetest disposition. There are some people you connect with chemistry-wise just almost instantaneously. She was definitely one of them and we clicked and got along well. We chatted and we got to know one another and we got to work together. She’s such a lovely actor to work with. What was kind of cool as well is that just as EJ and Belle in the courtroom were slowly developing a friendship, that coincided with Martha and me developing one as well. She’s lovely. I’d work with her any day of the week.

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Belle's own personal life has been in turmoil after her husband Shawn-Douglas (Brandon Beemer) had a baby with arch-nemesis Jan (Heather Lindell). EJ has proven a good shoulder to cry on. Feuerriegel said:

I think both EJ and Belle see that each couple is going through something fairly similar. I’m seeing how Shawn is disrespecting Belle. EJ doesn’t think Belle should be treated that way. She helped him [at his trial]. Now, EJ wants to help Belle. Conversely, Belle sees that no one is taking EJ’s side. Their relationship has evolved. They could be long-term. However, right now, they’re in the moment.

Meanwhile, volatile Sami (Alison Sweeney) is set to return to Salem...and even though she's moved on, she surely won't like seeing her half-sister bond with her spouse! The star mused:

Absolutely. How can he not be thinking about that on some level? He may be thinking he hates her because of what she’s done, or this may be his way of coping with him losing her. EJ needs to find a connection elsewhere. He’s gravitating towards Belle. Of course, he is aware of the particular consequences when Sami comes back, but at the moment, he’s not thinking too much of it. But it may be in the back of his head.