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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jennifer Rose and Jack Say Gut-Wrenching Goodbyes to Abigail

Days of Our Lives Recap for June 14, 2022
Jennifer Horton, Jack Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Cady McClain, Matthew Ashford

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Statesville: Leo arrives to tell Gwen about Abigail. Gwen immediately asks if Leo did it and goes on to explain why he had motive - Leo flashes back to taking a knife and peeking in on Abigail. He counters by explaining why Gwen also had ample motive for plotting murder - she immediately flashes back to sneaking back in to the terribly guarded Statesville common room. Leo makes his way out just before Jack arrives to visit.

Random hangover place: Lucas awakens hungover and a wee fuzzy about what happened the night before. He begins berating himself for what a horrible person he is. He goes to throw the bottle against the wall but cries out in pain because of the cut on his hand. How did it get there?

Brady Pub: Lucas arrives looking for Kate. Roman sits him down and fills him in on Abigail’s murder. Lucas is distraught because he knows what it’s like to see his child dead. He asks Roman for an aspirin and flashes back to Kate telling him that Chad told Abigail about their ruse. Jennifer Rose walks in and she and Lucas embrace.

University Hospital: Kayla and Steve are sitting in the lobby lamenting Abigail’s death when Jack and Jennifer Rose arrive. Kayla takes them back to see Abigail. She pulls back the sheet and Jennifer Rose emits a gut-wrenching scream of anguish. Kayla leaves them alone and she collapses into Jack’s arms. Jennifer Rose sits next to Abigail and asks Laura to take care of her little girl ending in another gut-wrenching collapse into Jack’s arms.

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Jack takes his turn saying goodbye to his precious Abigail. He apologizes for all the things he did wrong as a father and how he always fell short. He was starting to get the hang of being a good dad. She was the light in his darkest days. As he begins to crumble, Jennifer Rose wraps her arms around him.

DiMera mansion: Chad arrives home to find ghost Abigail on the sofa. The doorbell rings and ghost Abigail disappears. Chad is distraught when he opens the door to find Rafe wanting to see the crime scene. As they head upstairs, Chad flashes back to a more playful time just a few hours prior.

They enter the bedroom and Chad remembers finding Abigail on the bed. Rafe notices the lock is broken on Abigail’s jewelry box and its contents are missing. Rafe leaves, promising justice for Abigail. Ghost Abigail arrives and reminds Chad they were going to make a baby, which sends him into hysterics wishing he could just hold her one last time.

The doorbell rings and Kate has arrived to pay her respects. Chad does not take her presence terribly well. He goes IN on Kate for their argument the day before, screaming that no one is home and his wife is DEAD. Then, he asks her if she did it. He doesn’t think she planned it. Maybe she returned to the house and argued with Abigail, accidentally killing her.

Random green place: Leo is somewhere in some greenery laden area. He picks up a bag where that contains a wad of cash and some jewels.

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