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Perkie's Observations: Carly Hashes Out Her Issues With Sonny on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 14, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Josslyn and Trina talk to Spinelli about any evidence he may have found against Esme. Spinelli says nothing connects the phone to Esme. Spinelli adds how he found out the phone's serial number shows it wasn't sold in a store and the girls figure Esme stole it.

Britt and Nina share drinks, and Nina tells her she almost left Port Charles. Britt says Nina has family here and she'd miss her if Nina left. Nina says she decided to stay to be with Wiley, but Britt thinks Nina needs to give Michael and Willow time to come around.

Carly complains about the rift with Michael, but Sonny says the problem is on Michael's side. Carly accuses Sonny of allowing Michael to be attacked in court. She's upset that instead of consoling Michael, he found Nina and consoled her. Carly says Sonny is a stranger to her now. She says he walked away from his family. Sonny counters that she was punishing him by pushing him away.

Sonny apologizes for sleeping with Nina and hurting her, but says Carly gave up on them because she wanted them to end. Carly says Sonny was lying to her for months, but he claims she's as big a liar. Sonny reminds her of her marriage to Jason, but Carly says it took a year for those feelings to develop. (...then lightning struck her down, and her pants caught on fire, and the ghost of Jason reminded her she's been in love with him for twenty years..)

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Carly doesn't like how he hasn't held Nina accountable (in other words, he didn't shoot Nina in the head and drop her off in the Pine Barrens). Sonny admits Nina's lies were wrong, but he had a connection with her he couldn't break. Sonny says Michael is trying to destroy him and Carly is cheerleading for him. (Kudos to Good Writer for that line!) Carly brings it back around to how it's her job to protect Donna, but Sonny warns her not to keep his daughter from her. Carly promises not to keep Donny from him, but she's their only connection now.

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Cody complains to Zelda he didn't get full payment for his stunt. Dante comes across them arguing and drags Cody away to The Savoy. Dante wonders why Cody is so hard up for cash, but Cody denies it. Dante offers him money, but Cody refuses. Cody says he's saving as much as he can because he wants to buy his own ranch. Cody heads back to the hotel and follows Zelda, who's meeting with Spinelli behind closed doors.

Sonny seeks out Nina, asking if she'll stay with him for the night.

The Finn-Webber group head to the woods for their camping trip, but Cameron's not feeling it. He calls Josslyn to complain how they're all pretending everything is fine while Liz is sick. Cameron tells Finn he thinks the camping trip is a bad idea and wishes he were home to support Trina.

Gregory talks to Cameron telling him, that as a professor, he understands Title IX and can answer any question Cameron might have. Cameron's thankful for Gregory's input.

Austin and Maxie head into the woods as PC Pioneers counselors, and run into boy scout Wyatt. Violet is thrilled to have another female around the campfire. Someone is watching them from the bushes. 

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