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Perkie's Observations: Cody Uses Spinelli as His Personal ATM on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 15, 2022
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General Hospital

Josh Kelly

On today's General Hospital recap: Josslyn and Trina head to a bar near Spring Ridge so they can get answers on Esme and the phone. They get carded by the bouncer, who knows their IDs aren't real. Trina says they're looking for someone regarding fake IDs, unregistered phones, and he sends them to the bartender.

The girls approach the bartender and ask about a phone. Trina shows him a photo of Esme and asks if he sold one to her. The guy admits he sold Esme a phone a while back. Before they can get more information, a scuzzy patron recognizes Josslyn from the video and Trina for being a cop's daughter. The scuzzy patron gets handsy with the girls, so the bouncer steps in and an all out brawl ensues until police are called in.

Someone continues to watch Austin and Maxie, and the two hear a noise in the woods. The two are spooked by Violet and Gregory. The Webber boys get into an argument and Finn pulls Wyatt aside to ask him to include Aiden in whatever he's doing to allow him some control. Cameron apologizes to Finn for tearing into him because he's scared about Liz. Finn promises they'll get through this together.

Everyone sits around the campfire, while Cameron and Wyatt play the guitar and sing. Maxie notices that Austin has taken off. Austin meets with an unknown person, but warns him to leave Maxie and everyone else out of whatever he wants.

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Brook Lynn invites Chase to join her at the pool, but he gets annoyed when he spots Linc. Brook Lynn is obsessed with getting her songs back. Linc approaches and rubs it in about having her songs. Chase gets into it with Linc. Brook Lynn goes through his jacket pockets and finds a Savoy card with a password written on the back of it. After Linc leaves, Brook Lynn tells Chase about finding the password in Linc's belongings, but he wants her to stay away from Linc. When Chase turns away, Brook Lynn takes off to The Savoy.

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TJ and Curtis discuss Marshall and his medical diagnosis. Selina interrupts to discuss business with Curtis regarding a game tonight. She says there will be a new, very influential player. Curtis promises he has everything ready. Curtis convinces TJ to leave.

Sonny tells Nina he feels there is something between them. Nina's uncomfortable with Dante watching them from across the room, so the two head out to Charlie's. The two share a kiss. Sonny says there is no going backwards and things are done with Carly. Nina wonders if the kiss was just because Sonny got into it with Carly.

Cody listens at the door while Zelda and Spinelli talk. When Spinelli leaves the room, Cody approaches him and claims he knows what's going on between Spinelli and Zelda. He says it will cost to keep him quiet.

Dante and Sam discuss how he and Cody met, and Dante swears Cody has a heart of gold despite the rough edges. Cody shows up looking for a good time, but Dante says his evening is done, and he and Sam leave.

Spinelli tells Zelda that he had to pay off Cody, and says he'll be an issue.

Linc heads into the poker game, followed later by Cody with his wad of cash, followed by Brook Lynn.

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