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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor Gives Adam the News He's Been Waiting For

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 15, 2022
Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless

Eric Braeden

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

The Grand Phoenix: Jill waxes poetic with Jack about past business deals until Amanda comes over. She wants to make sure Jack's okay, and says Phyllis made a mistake and is very sorry about what happened.

Abby gets upset when she sees Diane. Diane tells Abby she's staying around and hateful people like her make her stronger. Jack approaches and Diane asks if Kyle will turn his back on her. Jack says he has to dash to the hear the presentation, but promises to see her later at Society. Diane heads out.

Lily gives a presentation about the newly merged Chancellor-Winters and introduces the team. Devon answers questions from the press about C-W's direction. He gives vague answers, while Nate watches in frustration. Nate steps up and decides to go off script. He tells the reporters C-W's plans to launch 50 new podcasts in the coming weeks, much to the chagrin of Lily, Devon, and Billy.

Adam shows up and runs into Victor and Nikki. He tells Adam he plans to announce Adam as CEO of Newman the following morning. Adam gleefully accepts and offers to share the title with Nikki. Nikki says she will be stepping back because she doesn't think she can work with Adam. Victor adds that Sally will head up Newman Media.

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Devon's upset with Nate, who defends his actions for leaving the press hungry for more. Nate tells Devon he only told them a quarter of what he wanted to. Lily and Billy end up praising him for creating a media buzz. Devon's still ticked about Nate's move. Imani comes by fluffs Nate's ego.

Billy approaches Adam. The two chitchat about the media business before they trade barbs about their rival companies. Adam reveals he's the new CEO of Newman and takes his leave.

Amanda pulls Imani from Jill to advise to her tend to her date. She warns Imani to stay away from Nate, but Imani tells her to back off.

Society: Jack meets Diane to talk about Kyle. She admits she's having doubts about Kyle because he may be persuaded by the negativity surrounding her resurrection. Jack assures her that Kyle is sincere about his motives and won't be swayed. Diane's relieved and gets a little emotional. Jack says he doesn't feel sorry for her, but she comments she didn't ask him to. When Diane asks about Phyllis, Jack tells her it's off limits. The two wrap up and run into Nikki and Victor on the way out. 

Newman Media: Adam returns to Sally, who stayed behind to iron out a work emergency. He brings champagne and tells her why they're celebrating...their two promotions.

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