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General Hospital's Laura Wright: "A Lot of Changes Are in Store For Carly"

Laura Wright, General Hospital

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) has reached a bit of a lull in her life after her latest divorce on  General Hospital. But don't expect the hotelier to stay static for long. In an interview with to discuss GH's upcoming 15,000th episode, Wright teased what fans can expect from her character.

Playing Carly can be tiring, Wright admitted:

It’s amazing and exhausting to be Carly depending on the day because I’m also Laura and she has her life. It’s really interesting, the difference between playing in Carly’s world and being in Laura’s world. But it’s super fun and I love doing it. One of our writers explained Carly as the woman that everybody wants to be friends with and I was like, oh my God, I love that. It’s so true.

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She added:

She’s just so passionate about the people she loves and cares about.

What is in store for Carly this summer? Wright demurred before previewing:

A lot of changes are in store for Carly in many different ways, that’s what I’ll say.