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The Young and the Restless Recap: Jill and Diane Play a Game of Cat and Mouse

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 16, 2022
Jill Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Jess Walton, Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Crimson Lights: Jill bumps into Jack and Diane. Jill says Billy told her about her resurrection, so she's not caught off guard. Diane tells her she's built up a lot of armor, so just let loose with her tirade. Jill says she's surprised how well she managed to pull off faking her death so well, then returning to a place where everyone hates her. Jill claims that takes more guts than actually dying.

Diane says she's not proud of her actions, but Jill tells her to take in every kind word that comes her way...she's speaking from experience here. Jill asks about Jack's relationship with her, but Diane says he barely tolerates her. Jack's leaves and Jill asks Diane to stay.

Diane's very aware that Jill wants to dig deeper and says she's not a threat to her family. Jill wants to know what she's after. Diane says it's all about Kyle, but Jill thinks there's more to her story, like Jack. Diane questions why Jill's so interested in her "connection" to Jack. Jill retorts that Jack's acceptance would absolve her. Diane says she doesn't play those games anymore, but admits she doesn't discount the possibility somewhere in her future.

Abbott mansion: Kyle and Summer discuss the bleak numbers from Marchetti. Summer tells Kyle that Angelina wants to step down and retire, which leaves Jabot in charge of steering the Jaboat ( was too easy). Summer wants Kyle to be the sole CEO of the Marchetti division. Jack returns and Kyle fills him in on the latest corporate maneuvers. 

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Kyle asks about the launch and Jack said says he was impressed. He tells them he had a pleasant dinner with Diane. Summer brings up Phyllis, but Jack reminds her she's out of town. Summer wants the true tea on what went down, but Jack refers her to her mother and heads upstairs. Summer confides to Kyle that she's concerned about their mothers propensity to clash. Kyle says they should let them deal with their own lives and they can deal with theirs.

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Society: Nikki's concerned that Victoria's not picking up her phone. Victor tries to play big daddy, but Nikki says Victoria's an adult and they should treat her as such. The two banter back and forth, while trying to assure each other all will be well. Nikki however, thinks Victoria can find success elsewhere and never comeback. Victor tells Nikki he has a plan to take care of Ashland once and for all.

New York: Ashland's positively giddy about a new life with Victoria on his home turf, but Victoria seems a wee hesitant. Ashland commiserates with her about leaving family behind and and how it feels to walk away. He turns the conversation to living the New York life, and their new business and social opportunities, which seem to cheer her up immensely.

Victoria tells Ashland she doesn't want the name Newman to be anywhere near their new company...over Chinese takeaway. She wants focus and to slap down Adam's media company. Victoria also says she wants to use her fine arts background and bring it into the digital age (didn't she miss Jaboat on that?...sorry again). As Ashland happily pours wine, Victoria gives a look like she's playing her own game.

Newman: Adam and Sally walk into his new office and soak it all in. Adam's first task is to take Victoria's portrait off the wall. The second task is to christen the office. The two admit they love each other, but Adam said it twice before she returned the sentiment (not a good sign in my book).

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