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Perkie's Observations: Selina Uses a Henchman on Cody to Recoup Her Gaming Losses on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 16, 2022
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Lydia Look

Lydia Look

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina insists Sonny tell her if the kiss was because of Carly, but he swears it had nothing to do with her. Sonny says Carly's complaint is he stood by Nina instead of Michael. Nina says she had no idea how tough Scotty was going to be on Michael. She's grateful at how compassionate Sonny was to her.

Sonny says Carly has cut all ties with him, except in regards to Donna. Sonny says he's not the same person he was and Nixon Falls changed him. He feels the only person who understands him now is Nina. Nina wants things to go slowly between them and Sonny accepts her terms.

Carly finds Drew hanging out in the pool. Carly complains about Sonny and says him choosing Nina severed all ties for her. She says she and Sonny are done, and Drew suggests they celebrate with a skinny dip in the pool. Carly turns him down, but agrees to sit on the edge with an ice cream.

Valentin and Anna enjoy a date at the drive-in. Valentin asks about the case against Jennifer Smith and Anna says they haven't been able to identify the French naval captain Jennifer said she was with. Valentin pushes and Anna wonders if the whole date was just to get information from her.

Trina and Josslyn try to leave before the police check their IDs, and are worried when Rory is one of the responding officers. Trina tells Rory they came to find information on Esme, and Josslyn asks if he can let them leave. Rory says he has to ask them for ID and Trina admits they have fake ones. Josslyn reminds Rory that Trina can't get into any legal trouble since the Title IX came back against her. Josslyn asks Rory to arrest her and let Trina go. Rory says it's up to his discretion whether he should file charges and decides to let them off with a warning. The two explain how the bartender recognized Esme's photo, but took off when the fight broke out. Rory promises to follow up.

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Brad tells Selina there's a problem with the game. He says Judge Abbott cancelled at the last minute so he let someone else in. Selina can't believe that Brad let someone in without vetting them first. Cody walks out with a wad of cash, having closed down the game, but Selina's not having it.

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Selina says she needs to recoup her losses, which will come out of his winnings and has her goon beat him up. Selina takes all of Cody's money and leaves him bleeding in the alley.

Chase stops Brook Lynn before she can get into the game. Brook Lynn says she's trying to find something on Linc that she can use to blackmail him for to get her songs.

Linc runs into Britt, recognizes her from the pool video, and gets all lecherous. He hits on her hard, but Britt is quick to shoot him down and stalk off. Brook Lynn approaches Linc as he gets a call about one of her songs. Brook Lynn grabs the phone and tells whoever's on the phone the song isn't available.

Britt finds Cody in the alley and checks him out for injuries. She believes he has some broken ribs and offers to drive him to the hospital for x-rays.

Linc and Brook Lynn get into it until Chase breaks it up. Linc threatens to sell off her songs to a porn producer. Linc insults Brook Lynn and Chase punches him in the face (Dude, you were just about to get off of your 8997 month suspension)

Rory is called to The Savoy. Linc complains he was attacked and wants to press charges. Rory is forced to place Chase under arrest. 

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