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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Phyllis Gets Played by Diane

Susan Walters

Susan Walters

Jack: Old Smilin' (Peter Bergman) makes an offer someone can't refuse.

Phyllis/Diane: Red (Michelle Stafford) is back in Genoa City and has decided to let her hatred towards Diane (Susan Walters) go. Phyllis informs Summer (Allison Lanier) of her plan, but her daughter is skeptical and asks her mom to show her by telling Diane their feud is over. Phyllis meets Diane at Chancellor Park and tells her they should end their beef for their kids' benefit. 

Diane accepts but quickly flips the narrative and tells Jack she decided to bury the hatchet. Jack buys Diane is trying to be the bigger person. Later, Phyllis texts Jack to meet up with her so they can clear things up between the two of them. Jack is skeptical, but the two meet for five minutes and Jack tells Red he hasn't changed his mind about things. Look for Phyllis to make a risky move.

Kyle: The Abbott playboy (Michael Mealor) tackles a new obstacle.

Diane: The architect once again plays a game of manipulation. Watch for Michael (Christian LeBlanc) to guide Diane in the right direction.

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Chloe/Chelsea: The fashionista (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and her bestie (Melissa Claire Egan) butt heads. Look for the con artist/designer to reexamine her past.

Victoria: The Newman heiress (Amelia Heinle) learns Adam (Mark Grossman) is now the big dog CEO in charge at Newman Enterprises and claims she doesn't care. Victoria says Adam will be Adam and self-sabotage. Later, Victoria plots to destroy Newman by buying a company she will use against her baby brother and NE.

Victoria calls Nick (Joshua Morrow) and coyly informs him about acquiring a company to torpedo Adam and create chaos for the family business. Victoria drops this tea because she knows Nick will go running back to their father (Eric Braeden), who will see Victoria firing shots at the company and him. Watch for Victor to learn about his eldest child's plan and crush it.

Adam: The black sheep Newman attempts to lend a helping hand to Chelsea.

Lily: The Chancellor-Winters CEO (Christel Khalil) stumbles upon some interesting information.

Victor: The Mustache sets a plan in motion to take down Ashland (Robert Newman). Look for Victor to get the Newman family together to help Victoria again.