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Days of Our Lives Recap: Paulina and Abe Get Engaged as TR Haunts Lani

Days of Our Lives Recap for June 20, 2022
Jackée Harry, James Reynolds

Jackée Harry, James Reynolds

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Salem Inn: Xander asks Sarah not to keep anything from him. She admits she went to see Gwen in prison. Sarah explains she wanted to confront Gwen especially now that she’s having these continued side effects. Sarah REALLY enjoyed telling Gwen about getting back together with Xander. However, Sarah doesn’t want Xander to forget that he married Chanel and became engaged to Gwen during her absence. He tells her he didn’t sleep with Chanel, but would be more than happy to get nekkid with her. Sarah stops him so she can take her meds. They need to hurry because she needs to eat when she takes it. 

Horton Square: Nicole is on the phone talking to Rafe about calling off the wedding, just as Eric approaches. As she hangs up, she notices Eric’s presence. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but he heard what she said to Rafe. She confirms they are calling up the wedding due to Abigail’s untimely demise.

Just then, Sarah runs up and attacks Nicole, saying she won’t let her ruin Eric’s life again. Xander runs up, grabs Sarah, and tells her it’s Nicole and not Kristen. Sarah comes to her senses and apologizes. Xander explains the side effects of the drugs. Sarah goes on to explain how she attacked Victor. Nicole wonders hopefully if Sarah “strangled the old goat… a girl can dream.”

Xander partially blames Abigail for Gwen’s condition - she left the drug sitting around. Eric and Nicole inform them that Abigail was murdered. They explain she was stabbed in her bedroom, but the police don’t have any suspects. Sarah is despondent because Abigail is the only person who didn’t give up looking for her. Xander sweeps Sarah away so she can eat and take her meds.

Eric tells Nicole he’s on his way to check on Jack and Jennifer. As he is leaving, he asks her if he was going to be on the guest list. Eric tells her that he hopes he gets invited when they finally go through with the wedding. There is nothing more Eric wants than to see Nicole happy.

Salem PD: Lani is talking to Julie about Abigail. As she hangs up, she sees a vision of TR wondering if she’s going to focus on justice for her father. She tries to shake herself back to reality, but it doesn’t work. TR wonders how she can live with herself. They scream at each other, and he says Lani is the one who should be facing justice. She yells “LEAVE ME ALONE!” just as Eli walks in wondering what is wrong.

Lani admits she saw a vision of TR blaming her for his death, and he is right. Eli tries to hug the pain away. He tells her Paulina is now out of jail, but Lani wants to confess because she can’t let Paulina go to prison for her.

Just then, Chanel calls to invite them to the house. Eli tells Chanel they can’t make it. Once he’s off the phone, Lani says she wants to go. Eli is afraid she will confess everything in front of Abe and Chanel. Lani says he doesn’t understand her guilt, but says she understands. She wants a moment alone. Lani leaves the interrogation room to be confronted once again by TR’s bloody ghost. He reminds her that the truth will come out.

Alice Horton’s Living Room: Abe arrives to comfort Julie about Abigail. Julie tells Abe that Jack went to see Gwen in prison. She doesn’t understand and wants her to just disappear. Julie shifts directions and asks how Paulina is doing. He confirms she has been released for the time being. Abe says he took her advice and told Paulina he still loves her. Just then, Chanel calls to let Abe know Paulina is home and is planning a celebratory dinner, and she wants him there. She’s calling Lani and Eli next to get them to the house.

Paulina’s Place: Chanel is on the phone with Paulina’s lawyer, defending her mother’s actions the night of TR’s death. As she hangs up, Paulina enters saying she has been bailed out! They discuss how a trial is coming, but decide to just enjoy each other for now.

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Paulina asks for an update on Chanel’s life now that the devil has exited Salem. She says that both Johnny and Allie are still in love with her, but she hasn’t made a decision. Paulina wonders if maybe she should move away from both of them. Chanel deflects saying she is so glad her mother is home. She wants her to go relax whilst she makes all her favorites for dinner.

Abe arrives at the house just as Chanel realizes she’s out of butter - leaving Abe and Paulina alone to catch up. They get all adorable and he pulls out their engagement ring. Paulina is worried about him being the mayor while she is a murder suspect.

Abe tries to get on one knee, but Paulina doesn’t want him to bust a knee. Abe proposes and Paulina says, “hell to the yes!” Just then, Chanel returns with the butter and Paulina shows her the engagement ring. Paulina goes on to say that she wants to be married before her trial. Tomorrow is Juneteenth and they decide it’s the perfect day to get married.

Brady Pub: At the Brady Pub, Sarah is sucking down her food as Xander wonders who would murder Abigail. Sarah reminds him Gwen did all kinds of terrible things to ruin Abigail’s life. Xander isn’t defending Gwen, but reminds Sarah she is currently in prison.

Statesville: Ava enters the visitation area to discuss Abigail’s untimely demise. She wants to know if Gwen did it. Gwen admits she had motive, but not means and opportunity. Ava reminds her they both know that’s not true. Ava reminds Gwen she called her before Abigail’s murder. Gwen asked her to bust her out of prison - not forever, but just for a hot minute. Ava agreed to help her if Gwen agreed to be back by bed check. Ava now thinks she wanted out to off Abigail - making her an accessory to murder. Gwen tells her she’s getting worked up over nothing. She’s not worried, so why should Ava be. Ava can’t decide whether or not Gwen is telling the truth. Ava tells Gwen she doesn’t want Abigail’s murder on her conscience. Gwen reminds Ava that she once told her guilt was a waste of time. Ava smiles and, before she turns to leave, tells Gwen not to call her for any further favors. 

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Random Thoughts:

-Nicole and Eric may be one of the most tortured couples in daytime history.

-Nicole wishing aloud that Sarah “killed the old goat” when talking about Victor made me giggle out loud.  

-Sarah and Lani’s visions add an interesting possibility to the search for Abigail’s murderer. 

-Xander better make sure Sarah is always fed and taking those meds. 

-I love Ava and Gwen as reluctant friends. 

-Abe and Paulina have become one of my favorite couples in all of daytime. 

What are your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap.