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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Revokes Esme's Access to Ryan on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 20, 2022
Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura and Martin discuss how Cyrus wasn't behind the hit on them, and Martin wonders who was. Laura believes it was Victor, though she can't prove it. Martin pushes for more information, and Laura finally caves and says she believes Victor was responsible for Luke's death. Martin questions why Victor hasn't been arrested, but Laura says the WSB has arrested someone else.

Victor checks in with Spencer and is happy to hear that Spencer is staying at Wyndemere again. He's surprised to hear that Esme will be there as well. Victor worries that Esme and Ava's fighting will make things hard for everyone.

Spencer defends Esme and says he needs to be near her. Spencer says he's going to locate Esme's birth parents because he feels she needs their support. Victor wonders why Esme hasn't been looking for them herself, but Spencer says she didn't have the money. He asks Victor for help in finding Esme's parents and he agrees to reach out to his people.

Esme drops by to speak with Kevin and tells him she's been accepted at PCU for the fall in the psychology program. She says she needs background information on her case study: Ryan. Kevin says he won't be helping her and won't allow her access to Ryan. Esme plays the victim card, believing Kevin is denying her because it's her. Kevin warns her off of Ryan and tells her to find a new case study, but Esme refuses. Esme pushes and Kevin gets angry, but she continues to push and asks if Ryan's detachment is hereditary.

Esme says she has no friends and other than Spencer,,everyone in town can't stand her, and wonders what's wrong with her. Kevin says she's not a narcissist like Ryan. Kevin says Ryan validates himself on people's fear of him and he's is the most dangerous person she'll ever meet.

Trina finds the parents waiting for her when she gets home and is surprised when it's about the Title IX. Trina promises them she's feeling much better about everything, believing things will work out in her favor. Trina admits she and Josslyn thought of something different regarding Esme. She explains about going to the biker bar and everything that happened, which angers everyone.

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Portia says Trina should have come to them, though understands the need to find a new lead. Portia thinks they should be proud of Trina's initiative, but reminds her that things could have been worse. Alone with Curtis, Trina asks his opinion and he says he's proud of her and she has guts.

Anna is still suspicious of Valentin's questions, but he claims he talks more when he's nervous. She pushes and he says he has a lot on his mind, namely Charlotte and ELQ. The two kiss, share popcorn, and agree to a second date. (That was before they passed notes in Geography class, but after they met up under the bleachers. Seriously, what the hell, writers?)

Mac is not happy to hear that Felicia approached Ryan at the hospital. She says she needed to tell Ryan that she won, despite his obsession. Felicia says there's nothing Ryan can do to her now. (Oh look at that foreshadowing anvil, it's falling on my head.)

Kevin joins Laura and Martin. Mac tells them about Felicia's confrontation, which upsets Kevin, though Laura understands why Felicia did it. Felicia mentions how she communicated with Ryan via his aide. Kevin is surprised to hear that Harmony has been replaced and Felicia mentions Esme's name.

Kevin angrily heads out and Laura explains he restricted Esme's access to Ryan and she clearly found a way around it.

Kevin finds Esme and chastises her for lying to him about Ryan. He says Ryan is a homicidal maniac. He has ended her internship and barred her from returning to Spring Ridge. Esme sputters in indignation, but Kevin says she'll never see Ryan again.

Alexis calls Laura to warn her about something catastrophic that's going to come out tomorrow. 

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