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NATAS President and CEO Adam Sharp Shares What to Expect From Daytime Emmys

Daytime Emmys

In a new interview with VarietyNational Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) president and CEO Adam Sharp is talking about what fans can expect from the 49th Annual Daytime Emmys. 

For one, 2022 marks the first edition of the Children’s & Family Emmys, whose categories will be presented later in the year. As a result, Sharp said this year's show will be “a bit more focused," adding:

The telecast will be very squarely focused on the dramas, talk shows and game shows.

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Sharp is thrilled for the event to happen live and in-person this year (and air on CBS and stream on Paramount+). The 2020 ceremony was virtual due to COVID, and a there was a smaller, pre-taped event in 2021. But he is looking to keep things moving, saying:

One of [the challenges] being the sheer amount of time you spend with people walking from their seats to the stage. To the extent that there were benefits to the virtual format, it was the ability to keep it tight. So we will be looking at how to strike that balance.

As NATAS and the Television Academy work to hone in more on genre and less on when shows air, some Daytime and Primetime categories might be streamlined. But the ceremony's name will stay. Sharp said:

I think daytime is no longer applied specifically to programming that airs in that time of day, but rather a suite of programs and genres and forms of storytelling and entertainment that we let into our lives in a way that is different than what we consider primetime programming.