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WATCH: General Hospital Stars Reflect Ahead of 15,000th Episode (VIDEO)

Ahead of General Hospital's 15,000th episode today, some of the show's stars are sharing what makes the ABC soap so special. Marcus Coloma (Nikolas), Finola Hughes (Anna), and Josh Swickard (Chase), plus Maurice Benard (Sonny) chatted with Michael Fairman TV about all things Port Charles.

Soap fans, of course, are passionate about bringing fan favorites back, and it's interesting to play those characters. Hughes shared:

I think, for me, it's the joy of sharing stories with people and the fact that this show has been managing to do that for so long tells us something, that you know, a certain amount that we know what we're doing. But I just love that this genre, in particular, you really share with the fans. They are die-hard fans and they've been watching for so long and we're in their houses five days a week and it's a different kind of relationship.

Coloma has found some scenes challenging to play, saying that Nikolas self-sabotages, most recently by sleeping with his son's girlfriend Esme (Avery Pohl). He added of his character's seeming obliviousness:

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'Cause obviously I know what's going on, but my character is the only guy in Port Charles that's not only...that girl and the age difference, but on top of that my son's girlfriend, all of that was very much, like, I don't know.

Fairman asked Swickard about being part of an ensemble cast like GH's and part of a show that is so iconic. The actor dished:

I don't think it's fully set in for me. I think there's a little bit of ignorance going on in my brain. I'm like, Oh, that's really cool, but the level of gravity of how neat that is, I don't know if it's really set in.

Watch the full interview below.