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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nikki Pushes Michael to Investigate Diane

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 20, 2022
Melody Thomas Scott

Melody Thomas Scott

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Society: Billy walks into Society irritated and late for his meeting with Jill. She doesn’t understand why he could possibly be annoyed, considering how great the launch went He explains that Victoria told him she is leaving town and starting over with Ashland. 

Jill doesn’t understand, so Billy fills her in about Ashland lying about cancer and trying to steal Newman-Locke. Victoria has accepted his explanations and wants him to let her leave with the kids. Jill thinks this is no longer his battle to fight. Lily was right to call him out. She will never forgive him if he messes up his relationship with Lily. Billy thought Jill would be more supportive. Has Billy met Jill? 

Billy and Jill shift to discussing the new Chancellor-Winters partnership. They both think the other should be upset by all the changes. Jill shifts them back to discussing what’s going on with Victoria. He’s hesitant unless she can keep their conversation confidential - Jill agrees.

Billy admits with Lily’s whole family at the new company, he’s feeling a bit disconnected. He thinks something bigger is waiting for him outside of his current business commitments. Jill has seen this behavior in Billy before. She’s worried he is, once again, self-sabotaging. Billy assures her that’s not the road he’s traveling down. He just wants to find his place in the world. Oh Billy… 

Chancellor-Winters: Lily, Devon ,and Nate meet up for C-W first official business day. Devon says they have a problem. Devon and Nate start griping about their offices just long enough for Lily to get concerned - they’re joking. Nate, in particular, is thrilled with his office and new position.

Just then, Imani arrives reporting how everyone is thrilled with Nate as the new impressive and sexy executive - especially the blogs. Nate admits to giving some interviews. Lily and Imani are good with the move he made. Devon reluctantly agrees. Lily tries to play peacekeeper, but Devon is clearly annoyed with Nate.

Billy arrives to chat with Lily. He confirms that Jill was thrilled with the launch. However, Jill is concerned that Billy is going to mess things up with Lily. Just then, the phone rings reminding Lily of an appointment she didn’t remember. She still wants to hear what he has to say, but it will need to wait until later. He lets her go saying he doesn’t want to intrude on her time to shine.

Grand Phoenix: Summer walks into and meets with Amanda. She is annoyed by Phyllis’ lack of transparency about where she is and what her plans are. Amanda says she is getting the same responses. Summer tells Amanda that something definitely went down between Phyllis and probes Amanda for information. Amanda all but confirms Summer’s concerns, but was shocked that Phyllis chose to leave before the launch party. Summer admits she reached out to Daniel to offer Phyllis a distraction.

When she comes back, she wants Amanda to help her make sure that Phyllis and Diane don’t eviscerate each other - Amanda agrees. Just then, Lauren arrives. Summer immediately says she wanted to meet with her and Amanda to develop a plan to help Phyllis. She wants them to team up to keep the peace between Diane and Phyllis. Summer wants to keep the peace while also supporting Kyle in his relationship with Diane. Lauren is skeptical and thinks Summer may want to focus her efforts on separating Kyle and Diane.

Crimson Lights: Michael and Lauren are catching up on their very busy lives. Just then, Nikki walks in. She’s not doing so well since Victoria left with Ashland. Nikki wants to focus her rage on someone different - Diane Jenkins. She wants Michael to look into Diane’s time in Los Angeles.

Michael isn’t thrilled with Nikki’s request. Nikki pushes about her time using a fake name - maybe identity theft or tax evasion. Nikki doubles down and reminds Michael he is receiving a very handsome retainer to work for them. Nikki doesn’t understand why he would risk his life to bring down Ashland, but is being protective of Diane.

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Michael reminds Nikki that he thinks Diane has paid for her crimes. Nikki does not concur. He wonders if she would be so focused on ridding Genoa City of Diane if she had been successful with their plan of getting rid of Ashland. He finally capitulates and says he will look into Diane’s life in Los Angeles.

The Park Where JT Was Buried: Kyle and Diane are in the park watching Harrison play. She’s grateful to be there, but explains she had a nightmare she had that the deal to purchase Marchetti fell through, and Kyle and Summer went back to Milan. She follows up by asking if Kyle thinks he could help her find a job in Genoa City. Kyle says he doesn’t have many real estate connections. She counters by saying that she can’t keep depending on him for support. She needs to pay her own way. She needs a purpose.

Diane hints she would like to get back into architecture, and Kyle takes the bait. She’s not sure she can compete against architects who are younger and hungrier. Diane started taking courses in communications in Los Angeles, and is quite interested in public relations. When taking those classes, she realized that PR is a lot about reinvention - which is right up her alley. Kyle promises to give her job search some thought. Diane goes on to admit that she knows she is a pariah in town, but is determined to rehab her image for him and for Harrison.

Endings: Nate and Imani run into each other at Crimson Lights. She wants to make sure she didn’t get him in trouble. Nate says it was his call, and he’s glad he took it. He’s appreciative for her advice, but wants her to back down. Imani is a wee bit worried about Devon and how he might be holding back Nate. She also relates their relationship to hers with Amanda. Imani takes her leave.

Summer and Kyle are back at the Abbott mansion discussing the situation between Phyllis and Diane. She reports that Nikki is now also after Diane. Kyle doesn’t want her to get too involved, and says his mother is trying hard to start her life over. 

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Random Thoughts:

-Was Jill listening to the same podcast as the rest of us?

-Billy once again thinks there are better things awaiting him? For the love.

-Nate vs. Devon could be amazing, but Nate needs to show UP and show OUT!

-Diane casually mentioning her new love of PR just as Kyle is set up to run Marchetti is very interesting. 

-Summer trying to create a team to control the war between Phyllis and Diane is intriguing. What could possibly happen?

-Nikki pushing Michael about Diane could have legs. It depends on where the storyline goes.

What are your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.