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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abe and Paulina’s Juneteenth Wedding

Days of Our Lives Recap For June 21, 2022
James Reynolds, Jackée Harry

James Reynolds, Jackée Harry

On today’s Days of Our Lives Recap: 

Paulina Finds a Priest: Roman and Kate are packing meals for the Horton family in the wake of Abigail’s untimely demise. Just as they are feeling quite tragic, Paulina walks in and announces that celebration should ensue because it’s Juneteenth, and she and Abe are getting married!

Paulina wants Roman to cater the wedding with basic foods like hamburgers and hot dogs since the rest of Salem will already be celebrating the Juneteenth holiday. She still needs someone to officiate - not Marlena. Just then, Eric arrives. Roman introduces Eric and Paulina - she remembers that he is a priest and asks him to officiate. After some prompting, he agrees.

The Wedding Cake: Abe is in Horton Square checking things off his to do list. Just then, Allie arrives with his Juneteenth wedding cake. She did it all by her lonesome because Chanel was helping Paulina get ready. Allie explains the cake is red velvet and they discuss the significance of red foods for the descendants of African slaves. Abe wants Allie to come to the wedding. She’s family and Chanel would love for her to be there. After Allie exits, Nicole arrives to offer her congratulations. He is more worried about her wedding to Rafe being postponed. He wants Nicole to attend and she agrees.

The Videographer: Johnny is talking to EJ, asking about Chad and the kids. Just then, Chanel arrives (looking stunning). They discuss Abigail’s untimely demise, but then move on to Paulina making bail and the upcoming nuptials. Johnny offers to help her by recording the wedding. She reluctantly agrees.

Big Mama Arrives: Olivia Price has arrived in Salem, and is sitting with Julie and Eli in Alice Horton’s living room. Julie thinks this wedding is something hopeful for everyone to look forward to. Olivia gives Julie her condolences about Abigail. Julie thinks Paulina is an inspiration to go forward with the wedding after everything that happened with TR. Olivia wished Paulina had let the police handle him. Eli prompts Olivia to tell Julie about her prior Juneteenth celebrations. Olivia follows up by telling Julie the meaning of the date and the different traditional activities.

Theo Arrives: Lani spills coffee all over herself and tries desperately to get it together. A knock on the door reveals the bloody ghost of TR. Lani shuts and locks the door, and tries to talk herself down. Another knock on the door announces Thea’s arrival. Lani jumps into his arms.

Gabi sent the DiMera jet to South Africa to fetch him and JJ. Just then, TR’s ghost reappears to push Lani to tell Theo what she did. Lani tries to deflect while still hearing TR in the background. Theo is more interested in how Paulina is doing while still facing murder charges. Lani leaves to escape TR with Theo left to not really understand what’s happening.

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Eli arrives home to find Theo raiding their fridge. He explains that Lani is at Paulina’s helping her get ready. Theo says he's worried about Lani. Eli does his best to deflect. Theo is still not buying what they’re selling.

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Pre-Wedding Bonding: Lani and Chanel are helping Paulina get ready for the wedding. Paulina has decided she needs both a matron and a maid of honor. They both agree! Paulina asks Chanel for a sparkling water leaving her alone with Lani. Despite everything, the only thing Paulina wants is for Lani to keep her mouth shut.

Let the Wedding Begin: Abe and Eric talk a bit before the ceremony. Abe exits and Johnny enters. Just then, Nicole and Allie also make their presence known. They all want to know what the other is doing here. Johnny and Allie begin bickering about Chanel. Meanwhile, Eric is explaining to Nicole why he is performing the ceremony.

Chanel arrives and greets Allie who plays up a little physical affection in front of Johnny.

The wedding begins with Lani staring at Abe, but also seeing TR behind him. Everyone takes their places and Paulina enters on Eli’s arm. She stops briefly to greet her mama and then makes her way up to Abe…as TR continues to haunt Lani.

Eric begins the ceremony by telling the story of June 19, 1865, in Galveston, Texas when the last of the slaves from the Confederacy were proclaimed free. Abe and Paulina wrote their own vows. Abe reviews their past and discusses his hopes for their future. Paulina speaks from her heart and declares that Abe was a problem she didn’t expect to have, but she’s good with it, and wants them to remain happy for all the days of their lives. Eric asks if anyone object, but Olivia interrupts and asks him to move along before the Devil returns to Salem.

Abe and Paulina exchange rings, and Eric pronounces them man and wife. They kiss and the crowd applauds. Then they jump the broom, and Olivia says the broom has been in their family since the 1800’s. Paulina lines up the single ladies for the throwing of the bouquet, which is caught by Chanel. Johnny approaches with the camera and says all she needs now is a groom. Allie arrives and says, “or a bride.”

Lani Tells All: Lani watches from afar as TR continues haunting her. To shut him up, Lani loudly says she wants to make a toast to her father and mother. She tells Abe that he is the greatest gift she’s ever received. She also thanks Paulina for all she did to protect her. Lani then says she can’t let Paulina continue to protect her. Eli and Paulina beg her to keep quiet. Olivia wants them to let her speak. Lani says that Paulina didn’t shoot TR - she did. 

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