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General Hospital's Kelly Thiebaud Breaks Down Britt's Evolution: "She’s Still a Loose Cannon"

Kelly Thiebaud

Kelly Thiebaud

General Hospital's Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) has changed quite a bit during her years in Port Charles. The doc has gone from a schemer who'd do anything to keep her man to a woman struggling to find a meaningful and lasting love connection. Thiebaud spoke about Britt's evolution, and her Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, to TV Insider.

Britt had no shortage of drama in her life last year, which helped Thiebaud put together her Emmy reel. The actress shared:

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I had quite a few scenes to pull from last year. I have my breakup scene with Jason [Steve Burton]. Where Britt tells Carly [Laura Wright] that Jason is gone. There was a Britt/Jason scene where they were on the run right after Sam [Kelly Monaco] tried to bring passports for them to run [away]. Jason tells Britt he’s going to drop her at one of Sonny’s [Maurice Benard] islands. The reason I chose it was because I thought the writing was great. The conversation between us was real and authentic and a nice balance with the emotional stuff I have on the reel. There’s the aftermath of the cave where Jason dies. Britt stands up and says, 'No, we’re going down there to find him!' I have where Britt finds out she has [the genetic markers] for Huntington’s disease.

Over time, Britt has become a bit softer and less, well, of a "Britch." Thiebaud mused:

It’s been quite a journey, honestly from where she started to where she is now. It’s been night and day. However, I don’t want to lose who she was. She’s finding a kinder, gentler version of herself. She’s learning how to manage emotions and people. But she’s still a loose cannon. She’ll still be different from everyone else. Her reactions are not traditional. I want to keep that flavor. I have to thank the fans. As much as they hated her, there was something enjoyable about watching her fall on her face! I think the redemption is paying off. She’s come through that to this lighter version. It’s been fun for me to play. She has so many different elements. I love the dark and light sides of her.

And Britt is also trying to date again, while newcomer Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) has made a (literal) splash in her life. Thiebaud teased:

I like what they’ve been doing. Her trying a dating app was very relatable. I think what’s really enjoyable about seeing Britt in love is that it’s such a different side to her personality. Her getting back out there is great. Some exciting things are coming…we shall see.