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The Young and the Restless Recap: Summer and Lauren Devise a Plan to Wage Peace Between Diane and Phyllis

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 21, 2022
Tracey Bregman

Tracey Bregman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Big Hat Energy: Phyllis walks into the Grand Phoenix looking dramatic in her gigantic hat. She is clearly trying to keep herself hidden as she skulks towards the elevator and her suite.

Mama Drama: Kyle and Summer talk about Phyllis vs. Diane. Kyle thinks Diane is taking the high road, but Summer's not so sure. Summer asks Kyle if there is any way to get Diane out of town. Kyle says Diane is here to stay. He thinks they should focus on things they can control, like finding a new CEO for Marchetti.

Summer still thinks he is the best person for the job. Kyle is worried about what he will be giving up by leaving his job as co-CEO of Jabot. Just then, Phyllis calls, but Summer thinks she’s still in Savannah. Phyllis wonders if Summer has taken this opportunity to get Kyle to send Diane packing - not so much. Phyllis says sometimes people need to learn their own lessons.

New Beginnings: Lauren arrives, excited to hear about the possible collaboration between Marchetti and Fenmore. Summer would like Fenmore to be the exclusive carrier of Marchetti in the U.S. Lauren wonders who will be filling in for Angelina.

Summer thinks Chelsea would be the perfect choice. She explains how Chelsea designs for Fenmore, but also for Marchetti. Kyle thinks Chelsea could pull double duty for both companies. Lauren capitulates and agrees to the partnership, as long as Chelsea agrees. Kyle leaves to pick up Harrison.

Interesting Happenings at Crimson Lights: Allie and Jack are talking about how she got to shadow a researcher at Jabot because of Ashley. Allie says everyone has been great to her, even Diane. Jack says he won’t dictate how she feels about anyone - but maybe she shouldn’t get too close to Diane. For the umpteenth time, Jack brings up Allie’s non-existent relationship with her mother. Hmmm. Just then, Diane arrives. Allie takes the opportunity to take her leave and meet Noah in the park.

Jack thinks Diane wants to take credit for Allie’s happiness. She says to give her one positive thing in her life. With that, she takes her seat. Diane mentions Jabot purchasing Marchetti.

Diane is happy that Kyle is staying in Genoa City and hopes she will be over to win folks over. Jack wants her to avoid Phyllis. Just then, Phyllis and her big hat arrive. She goes into the back room and listens in on their conversation. She overhears Jack tell Diane that he doesn’t want to talk about Phyllis. Diane agrees to let it go, but has one question - is he going to try and work it out with Phyllis. Jack says absolutely not.

Chloe and Chelsea talk about an upcoming deadline. Chloe thinks Chelsea needs to get focused. Chelsea corrects Chloe and says deadlines are unimportant, as she is inspired.

Just then, Gloria arrives to be their spiritual guru! She fills the bickering twosome in on how she chatted up the new line while she was abroad representing JCV. Chloe is clearly dismayed by Gloria talking up Chelsea’s line, which is not even close to being completed.

Chelsea and Chloe continue to bicker, and Gloria does her best to intervene. She reminds them that despite what they might think, she’s a survivor who people always underestimate. She knows what works and has value - just like Chloe and Chelsea. They melt a bit towards each other through Gloria’s words. With that, she exits.

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Endings: Chloe gets a text and finds out they have some wiggle room with their deadline. Chelsea and Chloe make up and determine that Gloria gave them good advice.

Summer has no idea what to do about Phyllis and Diane. Lauren suggests enlisting Diane’s help by using Kyle to get her to make amends with Phyllis.

Diane tells Jack that she never had any intention of antagonizing Phyllis, BUT she is glad he has given up on their relationship. Things just never work out between Jack and Phyllis - Diane thinks he deserves better than Phyllis.

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Random Thoughts:

-What did folks think about Phyllis and her big hat? 

-I was entertained by Summer and Kyle each taking their own mothers’ side. 

-Lauren and Summer partnering together could be very interesting. 

-Does anyone else sense disaster with Chelsea being asked to head up both Fenmore and Marchetti? 

-I am #TeamChloe. 

-The writing for Gloria in her interactions with Chelsea and Chloe was right on target. 

-Susan Walters lights up every room she walks into. I have not seen Peter Bergman have this much organic chemistry with anyone in YEARS. 

What are your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.