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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Li’s Attempt to Double Cross Sheila Has Explosive Consequences

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For June 22, 2022
Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Wyatt Returns: Quinn and Wyatt are discussing some person named Flo, and how much fun she and Wyatt were having while traveling for work. Quinn jokes with Wyatt that she is trying to maintain her boundaries with him. Wyatt’s not buying what she’s selling.

Quinn gets real and explains how she is worried about Carter. Wyatt wonders whether or not its a good idea for her to be messing with Carter - why isn’t she focusing on Eric? She explains that she will always have feelings for Carter, even though she is devoted to Eric. Wyatt quickly figures out that Carter is still in love with his mother. Quinn says they are both trying to deal with their feelings, while also moving on with their lives - again, Wyatt’s not buying it. 

Awkward Engagement: Paris is still stunned that Carter has suddenly pulled out a ring to propose. She never thought she would consider this big step until much later in her life.

Paris takes another second and agrees to marry him. As they hug, Carter looks way less than thrilled. Paris wants to make it official and Carter slips the ring on her finger. She is thrilled with the ring and that Carter is her fiancée. Meanwhile, he is flashing back to putting that same ring on Quinn’s finger. Of course, the next logical step is for Carter to ask Paris to get married immediately. 

Quinn arrives out of nowhere and immediately knows that Carter took the plunge. She thinks that Paris will question him even more now that he has suddenly proposed. Carter will do anything to put Quinn behind him. He loves her too much. 

A Fight, a Car Chase, and a Fiery Crash: Sheila comes out of Finn’s bedroom to find Li on her phone. She tries to cover by saying she was calling the pharmacy, but Sheila is having none of her foolishness.

Sheila knocks the phone from her hands and crushes it under her foot. Run, Li, RUN! They circle each other, and it becomes very clear very quickly that Sheila is DONE with Li - who begins scrambling by saying Finn’s recovery depends on her presence.

Li says she was wrong to involve the police, but Sheila very quietly says she’s not buying what Li’s selling. Finally, Li gives it back to Sheila and says why would she ever trust the woman who shot Finn? With that, Sheila pushes Li against the wall and begins to choke the life out of her. Li fights back and knocks Sheila to the ground. They beat the fool out of each other before Li grabs her purse and runs out - with Sheila trailing right behind.

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Li quickly gets in her gigantic truck in the pouring rain. She sees Sheila in her side mirror and takes off. Just then, Mike arrives out of nowhere to randomly celebrate their friendship. Sheila validates him by taking his keys and stealing his car. They engage in a car chase in the rain - never a good sign on a soap opera. They both talk to each other whilst also being alone in their own cars. Sheila hits the gas and rams Li from behind. Li’s car catches fire, flies off a bridge, and explodes!

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Random Thoughts:

-A Wyatt sighting with  Flo mention!

-Quinn and Wyatt’s dynamic almost always makes me happy. 

-Ridge using his key to let himself in when Brooke didn’t know he was coming was a wee thoughtless with Sheila Carter on the loose. 

-Sheila and Li coming to blows was SOOOOO good! 

-Emmy side note: This episode could be B&B’s submission for Outstanding Directing for next year’s Daytime Emmys. 

-Li’s car caught fire, crashed into the water, and then seemingly exploded… anyone else less than 100% sure that she’s still alive?  

What are your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.