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General Hospital's Jon Lindstrom Dishes Esme and Ryan's Bond: "It is Based on a Mutual Love of The Dark"

Esme Prince, Ryan Chamberlin, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom is currently pulling double duty on General Hospital as good-guy doc Kevin and nasty serial killer Ryan. In the latter role, his character has been revealed to be a daddy to sinister spawn Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). Lindstrom spoke to Soap Opera Digest about Ryan's relationship with his daughter.

How did Lindstrom feel when he learned Ryan would have a child of his own? He said:

I thought, ‘Good!’ I mean, we know this guy was out doing really weird things — crazy, killer, murderous things for all those years we thought he was dead! We thought he was just a hit man, one who enjoyed his job just a little too much! But I think it’s great, not only because of Ryan’s lineage and, you know, having some progeny but because this will absolutely affect Kevin, and how he sees the world and his brother and his niece and all that. I’m looking forward to seeing how it is going to play out.

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The scenes in which the audience learned of Esme and Ryan's relationship had a dark tone to them. Lindstrom recalled:

It was me who said, ‘Okay, guys,’ to the crew. ‘Let’s get this out of the way, right now: one, two, three, ewwwwww.’ Because it was creepy. It was very odd. And to be honest, in the hands of a lesser actress, it could have been taken in a much different way. But I think that’s how committed Avery is to trying to hit the notes right — you want to get the creepy, but you didn’t want the sex. Their creepy is based on something else. It is based on a mutual love of the dark.

Meanwhile, Ryan is able to verbalize again. Lindstrom mused of his character's recovery:

I’m happy to start talking again. Ryan always has a lot to say and it’s more fun when you can speak.