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Perkie's Observations: Laura Digs Deep to Find Out Who Wants Her Out as Mayor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 22, 2022
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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Welcome to the 15,000 episode of General Hospital!

It's the day of the annual softball game, whose proceeds go to the hospital's AIDS wing. The Invader posts an op-ed piece from a group calling themselves the "Friends of Port Charles." They're complaining about Laura's tenure as mayor and how to oust her from her job

In a meeting with the top citizens of the city, Scotty says he and Robert will devise a legal strategy to counter the claims. Laura thanks Scotty for his support and we get a flashback of a young Laura and a young Scotty.

Glimpse back to last night, where Liesl distracts a member of the group while Scotty takes photos of her petition list. Scotty shows Laura a copy of the list, which includes Bobbie's name. Laura confronts Bobbie, who swears she didn't sign the form despite their checkered past, and we get a flashback of young Bobbie and young Laura. Bobbie promises she's on her side. Laura can't understand who would do this to her since it's such a personal attack.

Sam and Carly head to the Quartermaines to accuse Ned, the former mayor, of being behind the piece. Ned denies wanting the mayoral office back and he's not behind the group.

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Sonny summons Selina and Curtis tells her that Brad was aiding the Friends of Port Charles group. She says she was totally aware since she put him up to it. Sonny says Laura is his friend and tells Selina to get her people to back off. Curtis wants contact information to find out who's pulling the strings.

Laura confronts the Cassadine family and Alexis asks if Victor is behind the Friends of PC group, but he denies it.

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Curtis calls Laura and tells her Selina's money was unknowingly backing Cyrus to be the head of the group. Laura heads to Pentonville where Cyrus claims he's just an advisor and the group wants someone better in the mayoral job.

The two get into an argument and Cyrus is quick to bring up religion. Laura is curious where his God was when he was writing the nasty piece against her. Cyrus claims he's trying to change his ways and Laura says she forgives him, which upsets him.

Next, there's a random scene of Robert, Mac, and Kevin complaining to Scotty that he's helping Laura because of his feelings for her, which Scotty denies.

We follow that up with a scene at the spa with Anna, Felicia, Bobbie, Lucy, Liesl, and Laura. Scotty shows up and kneels at Liesl's feet with a proposal. Liesl says no because she doesn't need the legality and is happy with the way things are.

Laura teleports herself and Maxie to Shadybrook for a visit with Liz. Maxie has Deception products for Liz and Laura tells her the boys are doing fine.

Everyone joins Laura at Charlie's to show their support for her. Laura counters with her own op-ed about all the things that are right in Port Charles.

(I get that this was a one off episode, but it felt very disjointed and trying too hard.)

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