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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor Pushes Michael to Locate Victoria and Ashland

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 22, 2022
Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Adam is sitting in his chair at Newman relishing his new CEO role, just as Victor enters. Adam says he understands he has a limited time to prove himself and Victor innocently wonders why he thinks that.

Adam knows he’s being used as a pawn and wonders why Victor bothers denying it. Victor beams with the smile of a father who is manipulating his children. He reminds Adam the last time he sat in the CEO chair, he failed. Adam reminds him that when he took over it was when everyone thought Victor had met an untimely death. Just then, Michael arrives and whisks Victor away. Victor reminds Adam not to screw up. 

Sally is talking to one of her new employees right before she walks into her office. Just then, Adam arrives telling her how AMAZING she looks. Sally explains she did an informal study of CEO clothes to figure out how she should dress - well done.

Sally is SO in her element. They get playful for a bit before Sally gets serious saying she needs to find someone to be her COO. Sally shifts and asks him how his day went. Adam explains what happened with Victor but is more interested in what drama plans to do. Sally tells him to make himself indispensable. At that point, they start to get nekkid. 

Nicholas and Nikki are catching up at Crimson Lights wondering if the other as heard from Victoria. They both think maybe they should hit up Billy for some information on her location. Nikki simply doesn’t want Victoria’s heart broken - which seems inevitable. Nicholas thinks Adam being CEO of Newman might be more than Victoria can handle - but they’re both willing to do whatever it takes. Hopefully, Adam being in charge won’t keep Victoria away forever. 

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Billy is in the park leaving a message for Victoria, just as Lily walks up and overhears him. Lily approaches and admits to eavesdropping. He wants her to know he is 100% committed to their relationship. He wonders how she’s even out and about after all the buzz from the launch.

Jill has listened to the podcast and thinks her son is brave. Lily tries to boost him by discussing how many listeners he has gained. Billy is happy for his success, but knows only one person can send him downhill. Now we go into an endless discussion of the podcast Billy wishes to protect.

When they emerge from the abyss, Lily wants to know if he is still committed to their new company. He assures her that he is in the long haul and is excited to see where she takes the company. Just then, for some strange reason, Chelsea arrives. Lily decides to leave. He asks how she is doing…a loaded question indeed.  

Billy exits and Nicholas arrives to keep Chelsea company. She knows him well enough to understand something is wrong - he admits he’s worried about Victoria. Nicholas fills her in on Ashland’s scam. Chelsea can’t believe Victoria is still with him. 

Victor takes Michael to Society telling him he wants him to find Ashland and Victoria. Michael reminds him he’s a lawyer and not a P.I. - but offers a little perspective. Michael hates Ashland and is stunned Victoria chose to leave with him. He goes on to suggest it’s time Victor lets his daughter go. Victor can’t understand why Victoria continues to be attracted to dysfunctional men. Michael does everything but say, “bitch, please.” Victor ignores Michael and reminds him he has a personal stake in this fight. 

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