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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge Accuses Carter of Carrying a Torch For Quinn Despite His Engagement to Paris

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for June 23, 2022
Thorsten Kaye

Thorsten Kaye

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Forrester side office: Carter is with being cuddly with Paris while thinking about Quinn. Suddenly, Grace barges in and tells Carter to get his hands off her girl. She's not happy to find out she's now engaged and wants to get married ASAP. Grace refuses to let Paris do this and tells her to give the ring back to Carter. Paris says she's sharing good news and not looking for approval.

Grace approaches Carter and asks why he's in such a hurry. Paris asks Carter to leave them alone. Paris tries to defend their actions, but Grace points out what he did to Zoe. Paris thinks Grace is talking through her own failed relationship. Grace thinks there's more to the story where Carter's concerned.

Forrester mansion: Quinn is thinking about her conversation with Carter when Eric comes in. She tells Eric she's been contemplating their marriage and how it changed. Quinn wants to feel like she belongs there and wants Eric to feel the same.

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Talk turns to Carter, and Quinn explains that Carter and Paris are now engaged. Quinn admits she's concerned because Carter just wants to move on and wonders about his feelings. Eric wants to know if Carter expressed that his feelings for Paris weren't real. They both agree it seems impulsive, but Eric says he's happy for Carter nonetheless. Eric assures her it's okay for her to be concerned about Carter and his future.

Forrester CEO office: Zende and Ridge are discussing a dress on a model. Ridge notices the flirtation and Zende tells her that he's single. After the model leaves, Ridge and Zende talk about Carter and Paris. Ridge admits he has concerns since Zende thought they were friends.

Later, Carter turns up and Ridge tells him about Zende. Ridge wants to know why he found out about Paris from Grace. Carter tells Ridge he asked Paris to marry him. Ridge is concerned that Carter kept their relationship a secret and thinks he's rushing into it. Ridge isn't convinced that Carter's in love with Paris. He's seen what Carter looks like when he's in love and says he's in love with Quinn.

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