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The Young and the Restless Recap: Michael's Involvement With Diane Infuriates Phyllis

The Young and the Restless Recap for June 23, 2022
Christian LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Abbott mansion: Kyle tells Jack he wants to take on the CEO role for the Marchetti division. Jack admits he'll miss working with Kyle, but can't wait to see him soar in his new position.

Summer tells Jack that Phyllis is trying to put her anger and hatred about Diane behind her, but isn't sure she can do it. She wants to know what happened with her and Jack, but he refuses to talk about it and leaves.

Chancellor Park: Diane and Michael acknowledge they're happy to be in each others' lives again. Michael tells Diane that Nikki approached him to dig up dirt about her life in LA. He explains he took the job to clear her name because he's on her side. Michael wants to know up front if he'll find anything.

Diane assures him he'll come up empty. She says her time as Taylor was the quietest because it had to be. (But, someone with a ginormous black hat, ginormous black sunglasses, and a slinky bright dress is lurking behind a ginormous hedge...who could it be?)

Jack turns up and comments how the two have recovered their friendship pretty quickly. Michael says he's happy about it and enjoys Diane's company. He makes a comment that Jack should be open minded. Diane leaves. Jack tells Michael he's being nice for Kyle's sake and time will tell if she's really changed. When Jack leaves, Michael tells Phyllis she can come out from behind the bush (like Alexandra Spaulding).

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Michael wants to know if Phyllis is really following Diane around. Phyllis is upset that Michael just accepts Diane at her word. He tells her it's not necessary to look like a character from I Love Lucy and accept the possibility that Diane's changed. Phyllis says she will never, ever forgive her. Michael tells her to take Jack's road as he's worried about her extreme anger. Michael reminds her of Kyle and Summer, and how Jack is handling it.

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Devon's: Devon returns home and runs into Elena. She helps him look for the tablet he left behind. They chitchat about her job at the hospital while they search. Elena gets a phone call that makes her very happy. Devon leaves when he finds the tablet.

Nate's: Elena returns home and tells Nate she was asked to speak at a convention in Hawaii. She asks Nate if he can spring some time off, but he hesitates because of his new job. Elena tells him that she talked to Devon, who seems to be okay with it. Nate's not thrilled she talked to him first. Elena tells Nate it wasn't planned and gets upset that Nate is taking this approach.

Crimson Lights: Imani meets Amanda and tells her that Naya had a stroke, but they can't see her right now. They commiserate about staying positive for their mother. Imani tries to comfort Amanda.

Elena is on the phone and Imani overhears that Nate will be alone when she's in Hawaii.

Back at the Abbotts: Diane comes by to find out if the news about Kyle is true. She's overjoyed about Kyle's new position. Summer gets a text from Phyllis to meet her at the hotel, but not tell anyone. Summer makes a quick exit.

Grand Phoenix: Summer shares the news about Marchetti and their move back home. Phyllis gives her an awkward hug starts asking questions about the family. Summer warns her not to make waves with the Abbotts or Diane. Phyllis claims she's working on her anger issues. Summer wants Phyllis to prove it by going to Diane right now.

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