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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Retains His CEO Post And Declines The Merger With Aurora on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 24, 2022
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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Britt tells Brad how he found Cody beaten up in the alley. He then explains about the poker game. Britt is surprised to hear that Selina ordered Cody's beating and worries about Brad. Brad questions why Britt has been so upset lately. She doesn't get a chance to tell him, though he later promises to be there for her when she's ready.

Dante questions Cody's beating, but he tells Dante he didn't see who did it because the alley was too dark. Dante's surprised to hear that Britt helped Cody and tells him about Britt's shady history.

Cody decides he's more banged up than he thought and heads to the hospital. He asks Britt to check him out. Dante offers to pay for Cody's tests.

Britt examines Cody and thinks he should have an x-ray on his ribs, but he just wants her to wrap them. Cody tells her he spoke with Dante and knows her history. He says it must be hard for her to live up to her father's legacy, which does not sit well with Britt. Britt wants Cody out of town, but he decides to stay.

Jordan speaks to Linc about Chase's assault and tries to get him to back down from pressing charges. Jordan says the court will feel he's wasting their time. Linc asks what's in it for him if he drops the charges.

Brook Lynn worries about Chase's latest arrest, which could get him fired. She thinks she has an idea that will fix everything. Brook Lynn feels she could change her statement to say that Chase was saving her from Linc, but Chase refuses to let her lie for him.

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Jordan summons Chase and tells him that he's disappointed in him. She says Linc is dropping the criminal charges so Chase won't face prison time. She says Linc still wants Chase to lose his job.

Linc runs into Brook Lynn and tells her that he sold another song of hers. He wants to work with her again, so Brook agrees as long as he recants the charges against Chase. Linc says he wants Chase to lose his job and doesn't take her deal.

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Olivia tells Carly things are tense at the mansion because of the ELQ shareholders meeting. Carly tells Olivia she's now a major shareholder in Aurora and the merger will be good for her. Carly explains she sold her half of the Metro Court to raise the capital to invest This concerns Olivia, but Carly says she sold to an investment group that gave her thirty days to buy it back. She believes Aurora stock is gaining value by the hour and will get her half of the hotel back.

Martin meets with Valentin, who's fully ready for the meeting. Valentin doesn't seem concerned, even though he hasn't convinced Ned to vote with him. Martin tells Valentin that Laura is planning on having Victor deported.

Lucy joins Michael, Ned, and Drew at the mansion before the meeting. Ned reminds Lucy that if they all vote together, they'll be able to oust Valentin, though she believes Valentin deserves a thank you. She says ELQ has thrived under Valentin and believes once he's gone, the Quartermaine in-fighting will return.

The ELQ lawyer arrives, as does Valentin, who calls the meeting to order. Drew makes a motion to remove Valentin as CEO, which Michael seconds. Valentin counters that the company has grown under his tenure. He says the merger with Aurora only makes Drew the majority shareholder and does not' strengthen ELQ.

Drew has the proxies from the missing shareholders, authorizing him to vote on their behalf. Drew and Michael vote yes to oust Valentin. Ned hesitates before voting no, which causes a 50/50 split. Pascal tells Lucy she has the tie-breaking vote and she also votes no. Valentin remains as CEO of ELQ. Valentin declares the merger with Aurora is not happening. 

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