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Perkie's Observations: Drew Tracks Down Carly to Share Distressing News on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 27, 2022
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Drew Cain, General Hospital

Cameron Mathison

On today's General Hospital recap: Drew and Michael confront Valentin, while Lucy tries to remind everyone it's just business. Michael's out for blood and wonders what Ned was offered to jump in with Valentin.

Valentin offers Ned as Chairman of the Board and Lucy seconds the motion, which forces Drew to agree. Willow wants them to call Diane (why is she in this meeting again? Go sit down little girl and continue to fester whatever disease of the month you're about to be diagnosed with.)

Drew and Michael confront Ned, who says ELQ thrived under Valentin. Ned accuses them of caring more about the merger than ELQ itself. Drew and Michael argue with Ned over allowing Valentin to win.

Carly invites Bobbie and Josslyn for lunch. She lets them know that ELQ and Aurora will merge. She adds that Valentin will be voted out so Drew and Michael can take over as co-CEOs of ELQ. Carly is proud and hopeful for their family's future.

Carly's arm breaks as she pats herself on the back for the wonderfulness that is she. Josslyn and Bobbie break their own arms in patting Carly on the back for raising such a wonderful human as Michael. (If I wasn't busy giggling over the look of stupidity on Michael's face at the shareholders meeting, I'd be throwing up in my mouth over the Michael lovefest with these three.)

Sonny drops by the garage with another car for Brando to work on. Dex is with him and he rubs Brando the wrong way. Sonny tells them both to play nice. When Dex is out of earshot, Brando wonders if Sonny actually trusts Dex. Sonny swears Dex understands that no one is to go after his family.

Sonny mentions how Michael is trying to destroy him through the coffee business and Brando offers to reach out to him. Sonny says Michael wants nothing to do with him.
Left alone, Dex apologizes to Brando for coming on too strong in protecting Sonny. Dex swears he learned his lesson.

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Olivia's quick to try and have Nina removed from the Metro Court poolside. Nina reminds Olivia that Crimson is in the hotel and she spends money when hosting clients. Olivia counters that Nina's only there to stick it to Carly, but Sasha arrives, saying if Nina is not wanted, then neither is she.

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Olivia continues to argue until Sasha puts her foot down, forcing Olivia to back off. Nina is grateful for Sasha's support. Nina and Sasha discuss everything from the hearing and losing Wiley, to Nina almost leaving town. She tells Sasha about running into Sonny at Nelle's grave and how he told her to stay for Wiley's sake.

Chase tells Brook Lynn that Linc agreed not to press charges, which she thinks solves all of Chase's problems. Chase says his suspension has been extended indefinitely without pay. Chase says he has to face the civilian review board and they will decide if he's fit to go back to work.

Brook Lynn blames herself and promises to fix this for him. She says she'll ask Linc to go before the board on Chase's behalf. She says she'll write a bunch of songs for Linc in order to get Chase out of it, but he refuses. Brook Lynn heads out, but calls Gregory, who shows up with Violet for Chase.

Olivia and Brook Lynn get to the mansion. Ned tells them he's the Chairman of the Board, which excites Olivia, until Drew mentions that Valentin is still in charge. Ned says Valentin has been good for ELQ and there won't be a merger.

Drew gets notification that word has hit the streets there will be no merger and Aurora stock is tumbling.

Brook Lynn gets angry with Ned for siding with Valentin after everything she did to get the stocks back. Olivia wants answers.

Valentin runs into Carly and Josslyn, and crows about his lot in life. Carly wonders why he's so happy. Drew finds Carly and tells her it's not good news.

Willow shows up at the poolside where Sasha and Nina notice how pale she looks. She mentions problems with ELQ. Willow brings up the trial, again, how someone has turned on Michael, again. Nina pushes and Willow tells her to talk to Valentin, as Sonny arrives and overhears. Willow refuses to tell him anything about ELQ, though Sonny insists. Willow passes out in Sonny's arms. 

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