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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bridget and Quinn Catch Eric in The Sack With Donna

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for June 27, 2022
Bridget Forrester, Quinn Fuller, The Bold and the Beautiful

Ashley Jones, Rena Sofer

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Brooke's: Katie thinks Ridge is out of sorts and he admits he's worried about Carter. Donna pops in looking for Brooke. Katie asks if Donna has a special date and she admits she does, then dashes off. Ridge and Katie return to talking about Carter. He thinks Carter isn't running to Paris, but away from his feelings for Quinn.

Forrester mansion: Quinn's disappointed that Eric's not sticking around for lunch. Both admit they have no plans to go to Carter's wedding. Quinn says she's happy she's the only woman in Eric's life. 

Forrester CEO office: An excited Paris comes to see Carter. He asks about Grace, but she says that her mother's still not on board. Paris leaves when Charlie comes in. Carter's grateful he will officiate their wedding on such short notice. When alone, Carter thinks about Quinn.

Other Forrester office: Paris interrupts Zende, who admits he knows about her impending wedding. He congratulates her and is surprised to hear it's today. Zende accepts her invitation.

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The Club: Bridget meets Quinn for lunch and urges her to tell Eric about the ring. Quinn's glad she's there for that moment when Eric's heart rate spikes. Talk turns to Quinn and Carter's brief past, and his upcoming wedding. The phone alert goes off and Quinn asks the waiter where the pickleball courts are. The waiter informs her the courts are closed for resurfacing. When pressed, he admits that Eric's been spending time in bungalow 24.

Eric and Donna start to get heated. Eric admits he can't stay away from her, but still struggles with lying to his wife. He tells Donna that he loves her and will tell Quinn the truth. Donna accepts his declaration and the two fall into bed.

Shortly thereafter, the door to bungalow 24 bursts open. A stunned Bridget and Quinn catch a surprised Eric in bed with Donna.

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