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Days of Our Lives Recap: John and Marlena Comfort Chad During a Dark Time

Days of Our Lives Recap For June 27, 2022
Dr. Marlena Evans, John Black, Days of Our Lives

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives Recap:

John and Marlena's: Marlena comes home and finds Chad in her living room. She says she knows he told the children about Abigail. Marlena encourages Chad and tells him he said the right things. She offers to talk to them if it will help and Chad accepts. John comes out and Marlena heads in to see Thomas and Charlotte.

John tries to talk to Chad, but feels awkward based on his own experience. The two end up talking about Isabella's death. He explains he was lucky to have her in his life while she was in it. Over time, his life filled was filled in other ways, like with Marlena and Belle. Chad talks about his and Abigails last days together and last words they shared. Chad breaks down and John embraces him. Marlena rejoins them and offer his family to stay the night.

Salem PD: Nicole brings Rafe food and he says he can't zero in on a suspect in Abigail's murder. They chitchat about the case, then Nicole mentions she was at Abe and Paulina's wedding. Talk turns to Lani's confession. When Rafe invites her to stay to eat, Nicole explains that she ate with Roman, Kate, and Eric. Rafe wonders if Nicole's avoiding making wedding plans because she doesn't want to get married.

Salem Inn: Kate visits Lucas and finds a messy room. He tells her that he was looking for Abigail's jewelry in case he was the one who took it. Lucas shows Kate an engagement ring meant for Sami. Kate's upset with Lucas for letting Sami go to EJ's alone with the divorce papers. Kate worries about Lucas' stress level, but he says marrying Sami will solve that. He breaks down, claiming he could never hurt Abigail and Kate hugs him.

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DiMera mansion: Belle and EJ are interrupted by a doorbell...and it's Sami on crutches. Sami spots Belle and wants to know what trouble EJ's in. Belle tells her she's staying there and explains why. EJ tells Sami they've become friends, especially after helping Chad try to save Abigail.

Sami gives EJ divorce papers to sign so she can marry Lucas. The two bicker about who kidnapped her...EJ or Lucas. Sami swears she will never believe that Lucas kidnapped her, and not EJ. EJ's upset with her, but signs the papers. As she leaves, Sami warns Belle not to get chained up in the basement.

Eric's room: Roman questions Eric about his it Nicole? He wants to know if they can work things out and points out that Nicole's not married yet. Roman encourages him not to regret taking a chance. Later, he runs into Rafe and Nicole, who just got married on the fly...or did they?

Lucas/Sami: Sami returns to the room. Lucas gets on one knee and proposes to Sami, who accepts.

EJ/Belle: EJ tries to pick up where they left off, but Belle puts up a stop sign.

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