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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ and Belle Discard Their Exes And Their Clothes

Days of Our Lives Recap for June 28, 2022
Belle Black, EJ DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel, Martha Madison

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Statesville Reunion: Orpheus is waiting for Evan in the visitor’s area. He is there just to taunt his son because Ben and Ciara got the best of him yet again. He explains that the Devil got the best of him. Orpheus seems to understand the dilemma the Devil left him with.

Orpheus assures Evan he would never have gotten away from Salem with his son. He tells Evan that Zoey reunited with her ex and moved to New Zealand, with their son and his. Evan is FURIOUS. Orpheus isn’t defending her actions, but reminds him she has full legal custody. He says there are other family matters he may need to focus on.

Houseboats R Us: Ciara is talking to Hope as Ben enters. They're almost caught up about Jan Spears and Shawn Douglas. Ciara says Hope is not so thrilled about Jan Spears, but is dying to meet her grandson.

Just as Ben and Ciara are about to get cute, an apologetic Allie stops by. They let her in because they appreciate her gesture - Allie also brought a gift for baby Bo. Ciara explains how her father appeared to her at the hospital. Allie would like to not believe it, but totally gets it based on everything that happened. They switch to talking about Abigail, and how Chad and the kids are dealing.

After Allie leaves, Ben and Ciara open their gifts, and there is another one awaiting them…from Hope. They are both proud owners of a boat! Ciara explains about Bo and Hope’s history with houseboats, and travels around the world.

It’s Jan Spears’ World: Shawn Douglas is at the hospital watching Jan Spears enjoy the HELL out of a chili burger. She wonders what's wrong. He admits he ran into Belle earlier. She is even more annoyed with him than she was before. Jan Spears turns things around and asks Shawn Douglas what’s keeping him down. He quickly decides to talk and tells her everything that’s wrong with his relationship with Belle. She doesn’t think it’s fair that Belle gets to spill to EJ whilst Shawn D is left all by his lonesome. He stupidly buys into it and spills the tea.

Just then, Julie enters the scene. Julie gets snarky by calling Jan Spears a prison pinup. Jan shifts and tells “Granny Williams” she is now family. Julie says she is actually a “conniving little snake.” Jan explains she is basically a hero for killing Charlie Dale and saving Salem. Julie is not so sure. Shawn D explains that Jan Spears is the mother of his child, and he is trying to protect her and their child. Julie decides to make her exit before she says something awful.

Skyrockets In Flight: EJ is talking to Belle at the DiMera mansion, trying to convince her to head upstairs to the DiMera bedroom. She insists they can’t after what happened with Samantha Gene. EJ thinks Sami’s presence means nothing, but Belle is not so sure. She thinks jumping into bed together isn’t a great idea. EJ assures her that he doesn’t want to get her to get back at Samantha Gene, he actually wants Belle. She begins to bend, but isn’t quite ready to break.

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EJ thinks maybe Belle has been using him to save her from Shawn Douglas and the craziness with Jan Spears. Belle doesn’t deny it, but fights back. They continue to argue until EJ asks if she has real feelings for him. She turns to leave and EJ takes her by the arm, then calls her a coward! Belle admits she used EJ to get back with Shawn Douglas. EJ admits there is a certain satisfaction of getting back at Samantha. They try to decide if they are just using each other or if they actually have an attraction. EJ and Belle acknowledge they have their own attraction separate from their exes…but what does that mean? Just then, EJ takes Belle’s face in his hands, they rub on each other, and EJ admits he wants her.

LUMI Rises… for now: Lucas and Samantha Gene are at the Salem Inn making out, and thinking about their future. She is so excited about her engagement ring because it’s the best one he’s ever given her. This time it’s going to be forever.

Samantha Gene switches topics because she doesn’t understand how Belle could possibly betray her with EJ. Lucas reminds her that she tried to sell her sister on the black market as a baby. Sami pushes that aside and wonders why folks can’t get over the past. It’s all so silly, and she was actually saved. Lucas also reminds her she is responsible for this version of Jan Spears. Samantha Gene is still kind of annoyed by it all. Lucas redirects Samantha to focus on their own happiness.

Allie meets up with Samantha Gene and Lucas in Horton Square. She starts to make possession jokes, and Sami sort of gets it…sort of. To deflect, Sami tells Allie that Lucas proposed! Sami tells Allie that EJ signed the divorce papers and Lucas is ready to get married! Allie isn’t quite ready to talk about their marriage and goes back to talking about Abigail’s murder. Sami distracts Allie and decides they should all go to The Pub and break the news to Kate. Just then, Lucas flashes back to being drunk and wondering what in the hell happened during his blackout.

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-Julie arrives at Ben and Ciara’s place to reinforce Ben and Ciara’s gift of a houseboat. They talk about “squish” names. She doesn’t understand why they are called “CIN”. Ben says Julie and Doug could have been called, “JUG”… Julie is not amused. Ciara wants to go to the marina to see the boat RIGHT NOW!

-Jan Spears asks Shawn Douglas if they should go down to the NICU and visit Shawn Christian. She understands she will probably have to give him up, but even if she dies in prison, at least their baby will have him to look up to.

-Samantha Gene and Lucas return to the Salem Inn. Lucas is willing and ready to consummate their engagement and get married.

-EJ kisses Belle and explains he wants her. Belle agrees, but doesn’t want them to get together for the wrong reasons. Belle begins to walk out, but turns around and says to hell with it. She kisses EJ and they are on their way! They make their way upstairs, hit the bed, and Belle says, “make love to me.”

-At Statesville, Orpheus tries to comfort Evan. He understands Evan is upset that Zoey absconded with his son to New Zealand. He explains that Evan has another son to consider, the son he conceived with Jan Spears.

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