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WATCH: Sherri Shepherd Teases Talk Show: "It's Just Going to be Crazy and Fun" (VIDEO)

Former The View co-host Sherri Shepherd returned to her former daytime home to talk about her upcoming talk show, Sherri. Appearing live with the ladies in The Bahamas, she teased what fans can expect from her chatfest.

The theme song itself is going to be A-list. She revealed:

We got somebody who's really famous who is doing our song; I can't say who it is, but she wanted to do it.

Asked by Joy Behar if she'll be doing "some wild and crazy things" like The View used to do, Shepherd responded:

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That's what I love to do. Like, they would call me to do all the crazy stuff, so now I get to do it on my show. 'Cause it's just's so much that you turn on the TV and you see and it's like, I want you to escape for that fifty minutes that we're on and it's crazy stuff. You know, I still got my little 'What's Poppin'?' topics and it's just going to be crazy and fun and laughter.

Sara Haines queried if the current View hosts are invited, and Shepherd replied:

I want to know, what are the odds that all of y'all would come and be on the show at the same time? That's the hardest thing.

Haines immediately raised her hand along with Sunny Hostin, while Whoopi Goldberg laughingly said she wasn't going at the same time as everybody.

Watch the clip below.