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The Young and the Restless Recap: Michael and Lauren Use The Grand Phoenix For a Little Afternoon Delight

The Young and the Restless Recap For June 28, 2022
Lauren Fenmore, Michael Baldwin, The Young and the Restless

Christian LeBlanc, Tracey Bregman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Afternoon Delight: Michael is at the Grand Phoenix and agrees to set someone up to meet with Victor. Just then, Lauren arrives and wonders what he’s up to. Before he can answer, Victor texts Michael to say “all systems go.” Lauren continues to worry about Michael’s dealings with Victor. Michael avoids the conversation by suggesting they get away for a romantic weekend. Lauren is tempted, but has too many business dealings afoot. Michael suggests that maybe they can make time for a quick staycation. She doesn’t have time to go back home, but they are sitting in the lobby of a hotel.

Lauren and Michael decide to defile one of Phyllis’ rooms with some marital afternoon delight. They quickly start to undress and get their time together started. Michael and Lauren emerge from the elevators basking in the afterglow. Lauren exits leaving Michael to resume his business.

Podcast Blues: Billy and Chelsea run into each other at Crimson Lights. She wants to let him know that she listened to his podcast. Like most of the audience, she didn’t enjoy what she heard. She admires what he is trying to do, but…

Billy snarkily asks for feedback. Chelsea says Billy sounded too dark and miserable. Maybe folks need positivity to be lifted up. Billy responds, but Chelsea thinks he’s being defensive which, mayhaps, proves her point. Billy appreciates her candor and maybe will lighten things up. Just then, Lily enters. She agrees with Chelsea that maybe lightening up the podcast would be a good idea. Billy finally agrees he should listen to their critique.

Lauren enters and pulls Chelsea away for a meeting. Billy immediately asks why Lily didn’t tell him that he was so morose. She hopes a little constructive criticism won’t deter him.

Lauren apologizes for the delay in their meeting and blames Michael. They talk a little “love in the afternoon” and then move on to fashion. Lauren tells her that Gloria was concerned about the tension between her and Chloe. Chelsea quickly sets her mind at ease.

Lauren switches topics and asks if she has a meeting with Summer. Chelsea confirms, but Lauren is unwilling to let her know what it might be about. Lauren decides to look at Chelsea’s designs, but Chelsea is way more interested in Billy and Lily.

AshToria: Victoria is in her hotel room when Ashland arrives with both Thai food and bad news. Ashland says they weren’t able to poach the guy from Newman they were hoping to get. Victoria also has bad news as the investors turned them down…all of them. Ashland thinks something is off. Is it possible that “someone” reached out to dissuade the investors? Victoria thinks Ashland might be right about daddy Victor.

Ashland doesn’t know how she puts up with her family’s interference. He continues to wonder how in the world her family found out about their plans. He wants to stand by her no matter what, but now they should eat.

Whilst eating, they continue to discuss Victor’s tight grip on the Newman family. Victoria changes the subject to discuss how amazing they are as a couple and a business duo. Ashland agrees that maybe they should forget about Newman investors. He loves the way they look at the world as “something to be devoured.” Ashland makes a call to purchase a building whilst Victoria texts someone to say “everything is coming together.”

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Nicholas Wants to be a Newman? Victor meets with Nicholas at Society. He’s wondering what daddy Victor has done now to stifle Victoria and Ashland’s plans. Victor approached all of the investors and convinced them to reject Victoria’s offer.

Nicholas thinks all of this is a test from Victoria to see if he would tell Victor what her plans were. Victor reveals that he told all the investors that Ashland was dying of cancer. Nicholas feels guilty because he betrayed Victoria, but Victor doesn’t care. Victor thinks Nicholas should just chill for a bit and see how his sister reacts.

Just then, Adam and Sally enter. Nicholas congratulates Adam on his promotion. Sally thinks Victoria and Ashland are romantic. Adam apologizes to Nicholas because he clearly doesn’t care about the family business. Nicholas quickly corrects Adam’s assumption. Victor wonders if Nicholas actually has an increased interest in Newman. Nicholas says he just wanted to give Adam something to worry about.

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Random Thoughts:

-The Grand Phoenix finally gets a little afternoon delight action! C’mon Michael and Lauren!

-Chelsea is the voice of the audience. Dark, miserable Billy has been intolerable for quite a while now.

-Why is Chelsea suddenly interested in Billy?

-Will Sally grow tired of pumping up Adam’s...ego?

-Victoria seems very obviously scheming against Ashland. Is it just me?

-Does anyone else enjoy Victor and Nicholas actually discussing business? 

What are your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap!