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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Financial Troubles Deepen After The Merger Collapse on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 29, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Willow passes out as Liesl arrives. When Willow comes to, she claims she's fine. Liesl thinks she should be checked out and Sasha agrees to drive her to the hospital. Sasha calls Michael to join them.

Nina and Liesl stay behind, and discuss Sonny. Liesl approves of him if he makes Nina happy. Nina wonders why Liesl said no to Scotty's proposal. Liesl says she doesn't need a man to make her life complete and he only proposed on a whim.

Drew tells Carly that Ned sided with Valentin and Lucy broke the tie. He says the merger is dead and believes Valentin out-maneuvered them. Drew explains the stock took a hit, including Carly's shares. Drew swears he'll help her and Carly tells him about selling her half of the hotel.

Olivia confronts Ned, who says he would have been sidelined if the merger had gone through. He said there was no compromising with Drew and Michael. Olivia thinks he's alienated himself from the family.

Ned says he needs to think about what's best for the future. Olivia believes he made the wrong choice and has made opponents of Drew and Michael. Olivia accuses Ned of keeping this from her and not confiding in her. She says she thought things changed when they renewed their vows, and he didn't realize he needed to trust her. Leo injures himself in the stables and is unsure how to approach them, but both Ned and Olivia say the family loves each other no matter what.

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Victor overhears Anna and Felicia talking. He wants to join them despite Valentin's attempts to draw him away. The girls insist, so Victor leaves and Valentin joins them. Valentin and Anna discuss their date and when they'll do it again. Valentin tells them about retaining the CEO title, but then rushes out when he gets a text. Anna and Felicia discuss Valentin, and how having him in her life means it includes Victor. Anna believes Victor is behind Luke's death and doesn't trust him.

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TJ brings his old textbooks for Epiphany to help her study for her MCATs. Willow is brought in and swears she passed out because of stress. TJ says he'll run some tests when he hears that she's been feeling dizzy and weak for a while. Sasha worries about Willow, listing other bad things that have happened recently, though Sonny does what he can to reassure her.

Michael gets to the hospital, snubs his father, and sits with Willow as she waits for test results. Willow believes her issues are from stress and missing a few meals.

Victor runs into Liesl and says he knows she turned down Scotty's proposal. He thinks this means he still has a chance with her. Liesl tells him that he needs to understand she has no interest in him. Victor and Valentin meet.

Carly meets with her financial advisor and Reggie tells her the group that bought her half of the hotel is selling it off. Carly thinks she can buy it back, but he tells her she doesn't have the capital to do so. Drew thinks they can raise money and Carly reminds them she has thirty days. Reggie says the group doesn't need to wait the thirty days and can sell as soon as they find a buyer.

TJ has test results for Willow, telling her she's pregnant

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