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Perkie's Observations: Spencer and Britt Come to an Agreement on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for June 30, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: TJ thinks the pregnancy news is good, but Willow looks less than thrilled. (And who wouldn't be, with the spawn of Grumpy Cat in her uterus?). TJ says she's only a few weeks along, and the fainting three months ago was likely caused by something else. He says he's waiting for other test results.

Willow tells Michael she's pregnant, which catches him off guard for a moment. Willow wonders if he wants the baby and Michael is quick to say yes, but wonders if she does. Willow promises she's thrilled with the news.

Cody joins Sam and Dante for a drink, and Spinelli runs into them. Cody makes a veiled comment about knowing Spinelli, who's quick to try to get away. Cody gets a text and tells Dante the gig he was sticking around for has fallen through. Dante tells him to stay until he gets back on his feet and Cody accepts. After Cody leaves, Sam tells Dante she wants to find out why Spinelli was so squirrelly around him.

Spencer seeks out Brad to ask for help with lab work. Britt overhears and warns Spencer she'll throw him out. Spencer realizes he needs to apologize for the hurtful things he said to her. Britt says she always thought they had a good connection and doesn't understand why he would hurt the way he did. Spencer swears there is more to the story and wants a second chance. Britt accepts the apology somewhat, but tells him she can't completely trust him while he's hanging out with Esme. Britt offers to help Spencer if he leaves Brad out of things.

Spencer tells Britt how Esme is desperate to find her biological parents, which is the root of her problems. He wants to run a DNA test and asks if Britt is willing to help him and she agrees.

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Trina tells Curtis her court date has been set, so he says they have to work even harder to help her. Marshall offers to help as well. Curtis summons TJ to let him know Trina needs all of their help. Marshall calls a friend to look into blackmarket phones, then tells Curtis he has the name and address. Curtis and TJ agree to help.

Esme runs into Rory at the pool and proceeds to flirt with him. Esme says she's taking psychology. She brings up working with Ryan and how Kevin has barred her. Esme wants Rory's help in getting her in so she can work with Ryan. Rory says she needs a lawyer and not a cop. Esme continues to push and Rory remembers Trina telling him they need to find proof against her. He says he knows someone who can help and asks for Esme's phone to put his number in it. Esme's quick to catch on, as Trina arrives, who's not amused to see them together.

Esme leaves and Rory tells Trina he served notice that he knows what Esme is up to. Trina warns him that Esme is not someone to mess with and Rory shouldn't get involved.

Gladys complains to Brando about working for Brook Lynn and says she's thinking of quitting. The two argue about Sasha.

Sasha overhears hospital staff talk about Willow's pregnancy, which triggers her. She heads over to the garage and she overhears Gladys question Brando about their living arrangements. Sasha promises Gladys she doesn't want her to move out.

Sasha gets a call from Felty. He tells her he wants access to the Home and Heart Shopping Channel that Sasha will soon be a part of. She agrees to help him in exchange for something in return. 

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