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The Bold and The Beautiful's John McCook: "Eric is Turning a New Page in His Life"

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

Recent Emmy winner John McCook (Eric, The Bold and the Beautiful) is front burner on his soap once again. McCook chatted with about what's next for Eric after his latest breakup.

He commented:

Eric is turning a new page in his life, and that’s always fun for an actor to play. As actors, we’re every bit as invested in what will happen next as the audience.

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Sure, Eric is technically single again, but will he make it official with paramour Donna (Jennifer Gareis) a second time? McCook dished:

Donna is cute and funny and is very good at turning on the coquettish charm. But if Eric is going to bring this woman into his life and into his home, that’s a completely different role. If she’s going to become the lady of the manor, or the grand dame, and have her portrait hanging above the mantle, how different will she be? Should she be different?

Looking at the scenes where Quinn and Eric ended their marriage, McCook mused:

When it came time for that intense conversation, it was all done in one episode. Honestly, it deserved a week of shows, but that’s not my decision. Rena [Sofer, Quinn] and I were freaked out that we had to wrap this relationship up in 15 minutes. But the scenes were very, very engaging. To have them say to one another, ‘Listen, we’ve had a good run. We were actually meant to be together for a time, but not anymore.'