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B&B's Lawrence Saint-Victor on Carter's Wedding Twist: "This is Everything He Ever Dreamed About"

Lawrence Saint Victor, The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful's Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) got the surprise of his life this week when ex-lover Quinn (Rena Sofer) interrupted his wedding to Paris (Diamond White). Saint-Victor spoke about the big "Quarter" twist to TV Insider.

The actor/writer dished of Quinn and Carter's resurrected romance:

I love that it ended the way it did and then for a year later, to pick it back up, because t’s unfinished business. It’s something that was tucked away that we knew, like, they had these unresolved issues around that whole thing and then for it to come back around—of of course they still love each other. It never ended. They just decided to go their separate ways, but that love never ended. 

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When Quinn appeared, Saint-Victor said Carter was wondering if this was real or a dream. He explained:

When she comes in and says she's here for Carter, he can't take his eyes off her. This is everything he ever dreamed about. It's almost like he has to pinch himself. All he wants to do is just run up to her and grab her.

But Carter's revived relationship with Quinn comes right in the middle of his wedding to Paris. Will the Forrester Foundation employee react vengefully to being jilted? Saint-Victor teased:

I don’t know if there’s any softening of leaving someone at the altar. My last interaction with Paris was just a sincere, deep apology and she's definitely upset about it. Her mom [Grace, Cassandra Creech] is really, really upset about it, but as far as right now, there hasn't been any crazy altercation.