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Perkie's Observations: The Plan to Prove Trina's Innocence Hits an Early Snag on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 1, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Tabyana Ali

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava and Scotty discuss her new divorce papers and he promises she'll get a good chunk of Nikolas' money. Nikolas arrives to state a divorce will end the bad parts of their marriage and leave only love behind. Esme watches from the sidelines as Nikolas and Ava kiss, then approaches the table when she hears Scotty mention divorce.

Esme almost outs her romp with Nikolas, but when Ava pushes, Esme claims she's concerned and only wants them to be happy. Esme asks to speak to Nikolas alone and Ava complains to Scotty. Scotty says Esme has covered her tracks well and can't find anything to prove Trina's innocence.

Esme asks for Nikolas' help in getting her internship at Spring Ridge reinstated. Nikolas reminds her that Kevin is married to his mother and he shouldn't get involved. Esme brings up their sex romp so Nikolas gives in.

Nikolas is ready to sign the papers, but Ava hesitates because she's not sure if it's the right thing to do. Scotty pushes, so Ava decides not to sign them.

Spencer tells Cameron he found out who Esme's biological mother is, thanks to Victor. He says he'll give Esme the information in exchange for her admitting she was behind the sex tape. Cameron points out that Esme won't incriminate herself, but Spencer says he'll have her confess on tape and allow her to skip town before he gives it to the police. He believes it will raise reasonable doubt for Trina.

Spencer says Victor found a nun who was there when Esme was abandoned and they found her mom, who now lives in Portugal. He says Victor got DNA from the woman, which matched the DNA sample was taken from Esme. Cameron thinks this is great news until Spencer tells him he made it all up, and is hopeful that Esme will fall for it like Cameron did.

Cameron's angry, but Spencer says he had to test out his story to make sure it was believable. Cameron admits it's a good story and wonders if Victor can fake a DNA test for him, but Spencer says he can't. Spencer wants Cameron to get DNA from Josslyn and Carly so the test will read 'mother/daughter'. Cameron says he'll only do it with Spencer's help.

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Finn and Gregory discuss Liz and her struggles. Chase joins them and tells them his suspension was extended and explains about punching Linc. Both men are not happy with Chase, but while he agrees he shouldn't have reacted in anger, he feels it was right to defend Brook Lynn. Chase says he needs to find a temporary job while he's on suspension .

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Lucy and Maxie discuss how they're getting ready to go on the Home and Heart Channel with their Deception products. Meanwhile, Sasha's meeting with Felty, who has a bag of drugs for her in exchange for access to the show. Sasha hesitates, but Felty sweet talks her into taking them.

At the office, Lucy and Maxie tell Sasha there have been changes made to the line up of products. Alone, Sasha feels the pressure and looks longingly at her baggie. When the two continue to pick at her, Sasha loses it. Lucy and Maxie apologize for pushing her and promise to be with her, though they'll be behind the camera. Before heading out for the presentation, Sasha takes one of the pills.

Brook Lynn meets with Sonny and asks him to take care of Linc for her. She tells him that Linc still has rights to her songs and explains about Chase's suspension. Brook Lynn doesn't want Chase to lose his job because of her and asks if Sonny can convince Linc to recant, but he turns her down. Sonny says it would make Chase look like a dirty cop asking for his favor.

Trina tells Josslyn that Curtis has taken over their investigation and he's looking for the bartender that they spoke with Trina tells her about Rory coming to her help with Esme yesterday at the pool.

Olivia apologizes to Carly for what happened at the ELQ meeting and worries that Carly will lose her half of the Metro Court. Olivia doesn't want to lose their partnership and decides she's buying Carly's half of the hotel.

Carly asks about Olivia's finances and she says Ned can help, but Carly blames Ned for all of this happening in the first place. She refuses Olivia's offer. Sonny shows up, and Olivia wonders if Carly is willing to take his money.

Camer and Spencer head to the pool. Camer wants Spencer to create a diversion while he gets the DNA from Carly and Josslyn. Spencer gets waylaid by Esme.

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