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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Quinn And Carter Reunite And Make Their Own Fireworks

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For July 4, 2022
Quinn Fuller, Carter Walton, The Bold and the Beautiful

Rena Sofer, Lawrence Saint-Victor

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

A Closed Carter Leads to An Open Zende: Grace is comforting Paris while screaming an unspoken, “I TOLD YOU SO!” Just then, Carter arrives. Grace walks over and smacks him. He admits to lying about Quinn, while wanting to respect her feelings.

Carter leaves during the opening credits. We return to Paris thinking she’s a fool and Grace saying she should always look for the best in people and not be cynical. Just then, Zende arrives, and agrees with Grace. He tells Paris she is an amazing woman. Grace gushes like she wishes Zende was her beau. In typical B&B fashion, Paris takes kindly to Zende’s kind words, gives him a foreshadowing smile, and leaves with him.

Nekkid Quarter: Carter returns to find Quinn snacking on the food that no one ate from the wedding. He assures her that Paris will be okay. Carter wants to take Quinn back to his place. They quickly get to Carter’s bedroom and are half-dressed. They are both thrilled they are back where their affair began and are no longer holding back their feelings from one another. After waxing poetic about their nefarious beginnings, they begin to make out. Quinn can’t believe she thought she could ever live without Carter. She loves him and he loves her too. With that, they undress and hit the sheets.

Will Mike Ever Learn? Sheila is sitting over Finn’s comatose body, begging him to awaken. Just then, Mike arrives. Sheila yanks him in the room and locks the door. she needs his help. She opens the door and shows Mike “the son that she killed.” Sheila explains that Li was taking care of Finn. She didn’t know he was alive until she escaped. She never would have known Finn was alive were it not for Mike. By the way, she needs Mike to head to the prison infirmary to get her the meds she needs to continue Finn’s recovery. Cue a flashback to Sheila smiling in victory as Li’s car explodes and submerges in the water. 

Mike isn’t surprised because these kinds of “accidents” happen around Sheila a lot. She has no time for his foolishness and wants to focus on keeping Finn alive. Mike can’t resist a needy Sheila. Cue the flashback to other bits of insanity he has engaged in when Sheila needed him. She reminds him that everyone has always let her down except him. She goes on to remind him that she risked her future to take care of Finn and she’s not the same person she used to be. Mike reviews her most recent crimes and posits that she may not have changed all that much.

Just then, Finn begins to stir. Mike encourages Sheila to flee so he can call 911. Sheila isn’t going anywhere and returns to their conversation about Li - why hasn’t there been anything on the news about her explosive demise? Mike tries to return Sheila to reality by reminding her that everyone is looking for her and there is a price on her head. With that, Finn begins to seize and his vitals begin to flatline. 

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Random Thoughts:

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-Though not included in this recap, more shirtless Liam is very much desired and required. 

-Grace made me giggle as she did everything but say, “I TOLD YOU SO!” to her temporarily distraught daughter. 

-Broken Record Alert: I really need to know there is more underlying motivation for Grace. She looked like she also wanted to dine on Zende with a spoon. 

-This quick reversal of storyline has holes that an 18-wheeler could drive through, BUT it has brought us back to the insane chemistry of Carter and Quinn. 

-As much chemistry as Carter and Quinn have, a lot of repair work needs to be done to make up for the horror show of Eric siring Carter to service Quinn.

-So many dastardly women in daytime have male sidekicks who want to help clean up their messes.

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