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Perkie's Observations: Sasha Spins Out of Control Before Her TV Appearance on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 5, 2022
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General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny wonders how things are with Carly, but she's quick to remind him there's nothing between them anymore, so he leaves.

Josslyn and Trina wonder what's up with Cameron, who reminds her that his mother isn't well, and he's raising his brothers.

Spencer claims he was looking for Esme. The two head back to the poolside and get into it with Josslyn and Trina. Esme accuses Trina of making puppy dog eyes. Spencer and Josslyn counter that Esme was sniffing after Rory the other day.

Cameron spots Carly having a drink at the bar and gives Spencer a sign to cause the disturbance. Spencer calls Josslyn the porno queen of PCU, which in turn leads Josslyn to throw Spencer in the pool. Esme then pushes Josslyn in, and then is pushed in by Trina. Carly breaks up the fight and tosses Spencer and Esme out of the hotel. She also chastises Josslyn and Trina.

Cameron and Spencer meet up, each with a piece of DNA from Carly and Josslyn.

The Deception women head to the Home and Heart set where they meet Haven DeHavilland (played by the remarkable Morgan Fairchild). Lucy and Maxie are surprised to see Felty taking photos and wonder about Sasha's over exuberance. Haven gives Sasha tons of mixed advice, which triggers her and she heads to her purse of pills.

Brando drops by to offer Sasha support on her television debut. Brando mentions Michael, and Sasha is triggered by the memory that Willow is pregnant and manages to take another pill. (Of course she has to unlock the little Ziploc baggie right there in front of anyone who might glance over.)

Once filming starts, Sasha gets the deer in the headlights look, but then spots Brando watching in the wings and calms down a little. Gladys calls in and prompts Sasha to start discussing the products. Things are going well until the next guest on the show is there to sell her baby papoose, which upsets Sasha all over again.

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Brook Lynn thinks Chase needs a career change, telling him that he should sing for a living. Chase reminds her that he has no training, but Brook Lynn says he has everything else, like charisma. Brook Lynn says Linc would pay through the roof to manage Chase.

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Brook Lynn says it would put Chase in a good position to get dirt on Linc and lets it slip she could then blackmail Linc into relinquishing her songs. Chase realizes she's only trying to help herself and storms off.

Cody tells a newly-aged Rocco about young Dante and then is introduced to Olivia. Dante mentions how Cody wants to eventually own a ranch and Olivia says the Quartermaines are looking for a stable hand.

Spinelli questions Britt about the dating app and she has negative things to say about it. Spinelli claims to be having success with the app, and shows Britt the photo of a stunning woman he's been set up with. Later, Britt tells Spinelli she's willing to give the dating app another chance.

Cody interrupts to talk to Spinelli about their association. Spinelli claims he's being extorted, but Cody disagrees. Sonny interrupts and Spinelli introduces Cody, who sucks up to Sonny. After Cody leaves, Sonny wonders what kind of trouble Spinelli is in. Spinelli denies there's anything wrong.

Nina finds Drew waiting for her in her office. He has a business proposition for her, but she's already heard about the problems with Aurora. Drew says Aurora will bounce back and tells her thats he's planning on selling Crimson for the cash infusion. Nina reminds him that she still has autonomy, no matter who buys it. Drew tells her to buy Crimson herself.

Nina thinks it's all too good to be true and wonders what Drew's angle is. Drew gives her papers that he's already had the time to draw up and wants a decision lickety-split.

Olivia drops by as Drew is leaving and tells Nina that all Metro Court invoices should go through her office and not Carly's from now on. Nina tells Drew she knows he wants to sell Crimson in order to make up Carly's debt. Drew wonders if helping Carly is an opportunity that Nina can't pass up.

Sonny stops by to see Nina, who brings up that Carly is in trouble.

Drew finds Carly and tells her that he did something she's not going to like. 

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