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Tamron Hall's Talk Show Advice For Sherri Shepherd: "Always Know Your Intention"

Tamron Hall

Fresh off her recent Daytime Emmy win, Tamron Hall reflected on the victory and provided some words of wisdom for incoming talk show host Sherri Shepherd. In New Orleans for Essence Fest, Hall told People:

Last time we were here was 2019, we'd just launched the show. Now we're back and I just won my second Emmy last week. We're on a natural high and it's great.

And the tangibility of her show has changed her outlook. Hall said:

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Now that the show is real I don't think about people who said I couldn't do it. I think about the people who told me how to do it, and how you do it is by talking to people.

What advice would she give Shepherd? Hall shared:

My advice is what Oprah Winfrey gave me. Always know your intention. Why are you doing it? What is the reason for the story, the reason for the conversation. And that's not just a guiding light in television. That's a guiding light in life. What are your intentions? The greatest who ever did it gave that advice to me so I'll pass it down.