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WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Talks Moving to Ellen's Old Timeslot (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson

As announced last yearThe Kelly Clarkson Show is now taking over the timeslot previously occupied by the recently-wrapped The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The multiple Emmy winner chatted with NBC5 Chicago's Chicago Today about the big move.

She shared:

We’re very excited, yes. And it was just pointed out to me again, like—I forget that this new timeslot for us, we’re the lead in to the news, right? So I think it’s kind of perfect because our whole show is about presenting people with people that are doing amazing things, you know, whether they’re heroes in their community, heroes globally. It’s really—we shine a light on really positive things because I feel like we don’t get that a lot of the time.

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About the opportunities the show provides to give back, she said:

What really got me into doing the show in the fist place was I had this thing—we did it for a few years in Tennessee when I lived there—and I had this dream, I was like, I want to do something called Miracle on Broadway.' And we picked different organizations every year to highlight and we had artists come and we’d perform and we’d raise money for them, and it was like, I just want to do more of this stuff.

Peep the clip below.