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The Young and the Restless Recap: Diane Reaps The Benefits of Phyllis’ Need to be Petty

The Young and the Restless Recap For July 4, 2022
Diane Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

The Mystery of Allie and Noah: Allie wants to chat with Jack about his offer to intern at Jabot. He will call HR and get her paperwork started immediately. Before that, she has one condition, she wants to make sure she is earning her internship based on merit and not nepotism…really? Jack tells her that she is actually doing Jabot a favor because of all her experience and knowledge.

Just then, Noah enters and Jack decides it’s time to go. Noah has a surprise for her, and Jack looks upon them with a smile as he exits. Noah wants to share a mystery story with Allie he thinks she will be into. They share headphones and listen together. They make popcorn and decide to make bets on who they think the killer is. The flirtation continues until they almost kiss, but don’t…because they were both wrong about the identity of the killer.

Tessa’s Sore Throat: Mariah is comforting Tessa when Kyle enters. Mariah quickly explains that Tessa has nodules on her vocal cords. She has to postpone her upcoming show and is worried how it will impact her career.

Mariah and Kyle turn the situation positive to try and support her in her hour of need. Kyle also thinks a break from her singing career could give her time to concentrate on them adopting a baby. Unfortunately, they have also put that endeavor on hold. The conversation shifts to Kyle’s new position as CEO of Marchetti.

Just then, Elena enters saying she’s going to a medical convention in Hawaii. Kyle decides to exit leaving Mariah and Tessa in her somewhat capable hands. They sit down and Tessa asks if her singing career is over. Elena has reviewed her tests and believes she has a path forward with her singing career.

Jack’s Messy Love Life: Kyle and Jack meet at Society. They immediately launch into the saga of Phyllis and Diane. Kyle needs to know if Diane did something “duplicitous” to Jack. Jack says his breakup with Phyllis and Diane’s new job at Marchetti have no association.

Kyle still doesn’t understand what happened between him and Phyllis. Jack reminds him that is none of his business. Nevertheless, they continue discussing his relationships. Jack says Phyllis always reverts to type. Kyle follows up by saying it seems he is more willing to forgive Diane than Phyllis. Jack tries to explain, and Kyle says he hates that Jack has been caught in the crossfire of Diane’s past with Phyllis and her attempt to carve out a future.

Phyllis Continues to be Phyllis: Phyllis is on the phone trying to avoid some sort of a disaster with her spa clients when Diane arrives. Diane hopes that in light of their recent truce, she can have access to The Grand Phoenix’s gym and spa. Phyllis says she can’t help and has the right to refuse anyone service. Diane assumes that means their truce isn’t real and “other people” will probably be very disappointed.

As they continue to battle, Summer enters. Diane immediately explains how she wants to use the spa and gym. Summer thinks that it’s a nice gesture and Phyllis welcomes her with “open arms.” Diane continues the fake celebration by saying that it’s great they are getting along, especially with how closely they will be working at Marchetti.

Just then, Phyllis says they’ve had a cancellation with a deep tissue massage. Diane decides she will take it because she’s worth it! After Diane leaves, Summer wants to know what the hell is going on? Phyllis scrambles for an explanation, but all Summer saw was Diane trying to keep the peace and Phyllis being difficult. Phyllis says she will take the high road - which doesn’t last for more than a minute as they begin to discuss Diane’s new role at Marchetti.

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Summer explains that everyone is just trying to help keep the peace. Phyllis thinks she is being the voice of reason. Summer thinks she is planting seeds of doubt and all this is most likely about her mysterious break up with Jack. Summer needs Phyllis to walk her through their relationship step by step. Phyllis explains they were doing well until Diane brought out her old nature. Summer says Jack is one of the best people she has ever known, and deserves more love and care from a woman than Phyllis showed him…just as Diane arrives to listen.

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Random Thoughts:

-Yes, Allie, you are getting preferential treatment because of your last name.

-Allie and Noah are cute, but these scenes played a little like Billy’s boring podcast.

-Can Elena get an actual storyline?

-I like Mariah and Tessa. I want to care more about them, but…

-I like Jack schooling Kyle about his history with Phyllis, and Kyle’s hesitancy about Diane.

-As manipulative as Phyllis is, how can she not see she continues to play right into Diane’s hands?

-How has Summer become more mature than Phyllis?

What are your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Sound off in the comments below.

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