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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila Shocks The Life Back Into Finn

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 5, 2022
Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Transcontinental Torment: Steffy is flipping through picture of Finn on her tablet. She says his name aloud and then looks as if she has a feeling.

Taylor is reading a psychiatric journal at Steffy’s beach house when Ridge arrives. He’s always going to check on her as long as Sheila is on the loose. He’s upset, angry, and frustrated because the police have no leads. He thanks Taylor for sending Steffy overseas. Taylor is so happy they left because she still feels Finn’s presence at the beach house. Her intuition is what Ridge loves about Taylor.

They decide to call Steffy together. The kids are sleeping and Steffy is thinking about Finn. She is sad and really thinking about what the trip would have been like if Finn were there. They let her know that Sheila is still on the loose. Taylor assures her she feels safe because Ridge is still around.

After they hang up with Steffy, Taylor is distraught about Steffy’s pain. Ridge tries to comfort her as they both agree that she didn’t deserve any of this.

Ridge and Taylor both go back to discussing Sheila and her inexplicable escape…and how forgiving Finn always was of his birth mother. They both hope that Steffy will one day learn to heal.

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Thank Heavens For ME! Sheila is giving Finn chest compressions and asking Mike what she should do. Mike reminds her she is the nurse and should she know.

Sheila wishes Li could have kept her mouth shut, which would have prevented her from dying a fiery death. 

Sheila grabs the defibrillator (Wow! Li really raided that hospital!) and prepares to shock Finn back to life. Mike begs her not to use the defibrillator. Sheila has NO PATIENCE for Mike’s concerns and tells him to strip Finn of his shirt!

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Finn is not responding. Sheila says the defibrillator needs more of a charge. Mike refuses to help her, and then encourages her to let Finn go. She tells Finn they can get through this together as he continues to flatline. Just then, his heartbeat returns.

Sheila congratulates herself for bringing Finn back to life as a tortured Mike looks on. Mike jumps on the Sheila bandwagon, and she says she was only a mother trying to save her son’s life.

Mike returns to reality and wonders what she’s going to tell Finn when he wakes up and realizes she’s responsible for everything. Sheila wonders why Mike needs to be so negative…CAN’T HE JUST LET HER ENJOY THE MOMENT?

Just then, Finn begins to rouse. Sheila wants Mike to go and he quickly makes his exit. She looks at Finn and tells him that his mama is right there waiting.

As Finn awakens in Los Angeles, Steffy is flashing back to all the key moments in her and Finn’s relationship. She looks at his photo and says how much she loves him.

Finn fully opens his eyes with Sheila by his side. He sees her through blurred eyes until the picture clears and he calls her “mom.”

Sheila tells him she loves him. He tries to talk, but Sheila tells him not to because he will clearly be confused. Sheila then thanks herself for bringing him back to life. Finn looks both skeptical and fearful. 

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