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Days of Our Lives Recap: Does Jan Spears Have What it Takes to Tussle With Orpheus?

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 5, 2022
Days of Our Lives

Heather Lindell

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Alice Horton House: Rafe, Ciara, Julie, and Doug are in Alice Horton’s living room discussing the funeral and the wake. Ciara says she has some news to share. They are leaving Salem in a boat just like Hope and Bo, and Shawn Douglas and Belle. They’ve decided to keep the tradition going.

Julie is upset and will take no credit for what Doug started decades ago. Ciara says their first stop will be to see Hope. Julie snarkily says she would like her to tell Hope that maybe she could pay them a visit in Salem.

Ciara further shocks them by saying they are leaving tomorrow. Julie continues to be upset, but Doug takes over and says they understand, even though they will miss them terribly. Julie finally capitulates, especially since she is Hope’s daughter and they are both stubborn. Ciara has one more request. She would like to have the christening for the wee baby Bo before they sail away.

Ciara exits, and Rafe informs Julie and Doug on the limited information they have about Abigail’s murder. The only lead they have is her jewelry was stolen.

Outdoor Therapy: Nancy is distressed after the funeral. Marlena walks up to ask if she’s okay. Nancy can’t stop thinking about Chloe and Joy, and how much they owe Abigail - she helped save Craig from Leo. Nancy also thanks Marlena for their therapy sessions. She tells Marlena she has a new boyfriend.

Marlena wonders why it didn’t come up in their therapy sessions. Nancy says he just got out of prison and his name is Clyde. Marlena is stunned to learn that Nancy is messing around with Clyde Weston. Nancy just knows that if Ben can reform and be accepted, anyone can.

Brady Pub Goodbyes: Ben and Clyde are at the Brady Pub discussing future house boat adventures. Clyde reminds Ben that without them, he will be headed back to Statesville.

Ben assures him they haven’t forgotten him. Clyde also tells him about his new girlfriend, Nancy. Ben reminds Clyde that all he needs is a responsible party to vouch for him - what about Roman?

Just then, Nancy arrives and Ben decides it’s time for him to run some errands. As they say goodbye, Ben assures Clyde he will be back and they will pick up where they left off.

Clyde explains everything to Nancy. She doesn’t understand why Ben wouldn’t consult with Clyde before deciding to become Captain Ahab. Nancy is worried that Roman might not help him and offers to let Clyde move in with her.

A Plan Forms: Orpheus sneaks up on Evan in the common room at Statesville. Evan is furious that his father never told him Jan’s baby is his. Orpheus says he needs something from Jan Spears, which will spring them from their unfortunate incarceration.

Orpheus was afraid Evan would get too emotional about the kid and not be able to keep his mouth shut. Evan reminds Orpheus, and the audience, that he already has a son that his sister took halfway around the world. Orpheus avoids that conversation and says what he needs from Jan will “rock people’s worlds.” He decides to tell Evan if he can keep his trap shut.

Orpheus wants the password to the Salem PD mainframe and give it to him. Once “his guys” can get into the system, he will have access to information that very few people know.

Jan Spears will be headed back to Statesville soon and Evan will be the only parent Shawn Christian has to depend on. Orpheus mailed Jan a burner phone. He is going to signal her to wait for his call.

Premie Aliens and Burner Phones: Shawn Douglas enters Jan Spears’ hospital room. She asks how Abigail’s funeral was and says she wishes she could have been there.

Shawn Douglas changes the conversation and says the wee baby Shawn Christian is getting better and now they can hold him. They head to the NICU and Jan gets to hold her baby, and tells him how much daddy and mommy love him. They look at him together and Shawn Douglas isn’t so sure he thinks there is a resemblance to him. Jan assures him he looks like a little premie, alien version of Shawn Douglas. All this family talk makes her remember that she is supposed to return to prison. She just can’t possibly think about leaving her baby boy.

They return to her room and Jan asks Shawn Douglas to get her a Chili Cheeseburger. When he exits, she grabs the burner phone and calls Orpheus.

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The Case of the Ambiguous Emoji: Jan wants to know what Orpheus told Evan. He lies and assures her that Evan doesn’t know anything. Orpheus tells Jan that Shawn Christian’s paternity will remain a secret. She freaks out a little bit because she doesn’t know how he knows about her baby’s name.

Orpheus just wants to know the password. She says she knows the password, but also she holds secrets as well and he should not cross her. She gives him the password and it has a smiley face emoji - they argue over the type of parenthesis in the emoji and he hangs up.

Orpheus tells Evan to be patient. All will be revealed soon. Orpheus exits and Evan goes rogue. He finds the note with the password and calls Jan, who accepts the call thinking it’s Orpheus. He wants his baby.


-Ciara arrives in the lobby of University Hospital and runs into Shawn Douglas. She tells him about her plans to sail away with Ben and the wee baby Bo. He understands and she says they will be back before anyone knows it. She wants the wee babies Bo and Shawn to grow up side by side.

-Ben heads to Marlena’s penthouse with the wee baby Bo in tow. They discuss Abigail’s funeral and Ben’s feelings. He feels selfish for wanting to grieve her. Marlena assures him his feelings aren’t selfish. She wants to help if she can. He wants to know if she offers virtual therapy. 

-Julie and Doug are discussing all of the people who have left Salem recently. Julie is distraught when she says Abigail won’t be returning, and she worries for Chad. Doug assures her he will take care of her. Julie says Doug is the Captain of her heart.

-Clyde is stunned by Nancy’s kindness as one of his “associates” sits across the room staring holes through him. They hold hands when Rafe arrives and questions where she got her bracelet. 

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Random Thoughts:

-Alice Horton’s living room is just as much a character on DAYS as anyone reciting lines. 

-Nancy needs to pump the brakes where Clyde is concerned. 

-A funeral and a christening in the same week gives me soap opera realness. 

-I’m intrigued by the possibilities of Orpheus, Evan, and Jan Spears.

-When Orpheus and Jan Spears began to nitpick over emojis, I admit I giggled out loud. 

-I hope Ben is able to leave with a year’s supply of meds.

-Rafe seeing Abigail’s bracelet on Nancy’s wrist is very interesting indeed. 

-Doug telling Julie he will take care of everything, and Julie calling Doug her captain warmed the cockles of my soap opera soul. 

What are your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Sound off in the comments below.

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