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Perkie's Observations: Carly Turns Down Every Offer of Financial Help on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 6, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie, Lucy, and Brando stand by and watch the train wreck effect that Flora's demonstration of the baby papoose is having on Sasha. Sasha believes she's holding baby Liam and loses her ever loving mind in front of a live audience.

Flora apologizes to Lucy, for not realizing that Sasha would be triggered by the papoose, but Haven's quick to blame Lucy for telling them that Sasha was camera ready. Haven says Home and Heart are going to sue as Selina arrives and warns against it.

Selina tells Haven that she's a shareholder in Deception and was upset at how Haven handled the situation. Haven blames Deception for losing Flora's business, but Selina counters how Haven will get an earful about how she treated a grieving mother. Selina also tears a strip off of Lucy for not keeping better control over the situation.

Nina tells Sonny about Carly losing her half of the Metro Court and how she turned down Drew's offer to buy out Crimson. Sonny believes Carly took Michael's side in his vendetta and got herself in trouble. After Sonny leaves, Nina watches Sasha's show and sees the meltdown.

Drew tells Carly about trying to sell Crimson to Nina and she turned him down. He says it's on him to get Carly out of this mess. Carly's not happy he wanted to come to her rescue and tells him not to take responsibility for her choices.

Sonny shows up and Drew eavesdrops as Sonny says he's going to help her. Sonny says he'll give her fifty percent of what he owes her for their house. Carly isn't interested in his offer and turns him down.

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Drew finds Carly crying and she admits it will be hard to say goodbye to the Metro Court. Drew admits he heard her talking to Sonny and doesn't understand why she turned down his offer. Carly says she wants nothing from Sonny and doesn't want to be indebted to him.

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Sonny heads back to Nina and finds her crying over what happened to Sasha on television. Nina says she understands how Sasha feels and Sonny promises to be there for her.

Britt complains to Kevin how she was humiliated at the dating mixer. An orderly gives her Cody's belt buckle which was left behind at his last appointment.

Michael and Willow make out in the stable until Cody arrives and introduces himself as the new stablehand.

Britt stops by with the belt for Cody and the two get into argument number 786 because that's all these two do. (This is not the meet cute the writers think this is.)

Michael and Willow are impressed with Cody's love of horses, and Willow mentions being around them as a kid on the compound. (Willow peeled a banana, handed half to Michael, took a bite of her half, which she then had to say a line around chewing it, then threw the rest in the garbage. Willow Tait....banana murderer.)

The two discuss the new baby and how different this pregnancy is from the last time. (I do not want to spend the next 14 months hearing about "their" baby and how blessed they are. I'm annoyed already and it's only day 2.)

Brando and Maxie bring Sasha to the hospital to see Kevin. Brando fears she might be using again and he allows Kevin to check her purse, where he finds the baggie of pills. Kevin wants to keep Sasha on a 72 hour hold and Brando agrees. Kevin takes a hysterical Sasha away. 

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