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WATCH: B&B's Kimberlin Brown Dishes Prep For Sheila and Li's Catfight (VIDEO)

Kimberlin Brown

What goes into filming a catfight involving a soap villain like The Bold and the Beautiful's Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)? In a clip CBS shared to its official Twitter account, Brown opened up about how she prepares for such scenes.

The Daytime Emmy nominee shared:

Wow, the catfights take some time. And it takes a lot of preparation, actually, because it involves, you know, a lot of behind the scenes, a lot with your stunt coordinators, things like that, just to make sure we don't get hurt.

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She continued:

The most recent catfight that you saw, actually, with Li [Naomi Matsuda] and myself, we first watched stunt doubles perform it and then we stepped in and repeated the action. So they showed us how to do it without getting hurt first and then we literally did it ourselves. It was exciting; it was. And me with my broken heel, it was a challenge but we did it; we got through.

Watch the clip below.