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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria Returns And Requests an Audience With Her Family

The Young and the Restless Recap for July 5, 2022
Victoria Newman, The Young and the Restless

Amelia Heinle

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Newman Tension: Nikki enters Adam’s office wondering if Victor has returned with Victoria. Adam was unaware of her return.

Nikki assures him that no one is intentionally keeping anything from him. Nikki doesn’t know anything. Adam confirmed that Victoria was the only one on the jet. Nikki isn’t so sure. She thinks that Victoria may only be back to yell at Victor for blocking her newest business venture. Adam is none too pleased.

Nikki reassures Adam none of this is about Adam. Victor wants to protect Victoria. Nikki gets a text from Victor that Victoria is already back. Nikki wonders what she’s up to.

Victoria’s Return: Victoria is at The Grand Phoenix when Nicholas enters. He wonders why she wanted to meet here. She draws him into a tight hug. Victoria tells him she is staying there until her house has been deep cleaned out rid it of any remnants of Ashland.

Victoria wants to thank Nicholas. He came to her with no judgments when she said she was leaving, and she is grateful. Nicholas would like some answers about Ashland.

Victoria deflects. She needs him to get their parents and Adam to meet her at Newman. She tells him she is back for good, but things are going to have to change. After Nicholas leaves, Victoria cleans up and flashes back to her confrontation with Ashland. She calls Billy and tells him she’s back and is doing much better. She also tells him Ashland Locke is out of her life for good.

Ashland’s Return? Ashland is still sitting in the living room re-hashing Victoria’s  evisceration of him and the destruction of his world. She wants to crush him the way she thinks he tried to crush her.

He seems genuinely distraught as he considers his next move. He calls to find out if he can get his money back, but, alas, the answer is no. Ashland then charters a jet to Genoa City.

Old School Love Making: Nate is sitting on his sofa when Elena comes downstairs. He just came home to tell her goodbye. They say just how much they love each other. Nate wants a more “meaningful” goodbye and they head back upstairs. Clothes are discarded and they have a good, old-fashioned love-making scene. They head back downstairs as Elena needs to make her flight. Nate would like to go with her, but he can’t leave work right now. They say goodbye and Nate exits.

A Grander Phoenix: Lily meets Amanda and Imani at Society, and asks about their mother. She’s still struggling with her speech and mobility. Lily lets them know they should feel free to take time off any time.

Just then, Abby arrives to boost her own ego and ask about how much they loved the successful launch party.

Lily wants to know whatever happened to Abby opening a hotel across from The Grand Phoenix because she is considering a similar plan of her own. Lily assumes that Phyllis was a part of the problem and Abby confirms.

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Amanda defends Phyllis, but then wonders about Lily’s ideas. Apparently, Devon sold the GCAC (who knew). Lily thinks she might be able to build an even “grander Phoenix” in Genoa City. She thinks it’s could be a swanky place that could accommodate their artists. Lily wonders if they could get Phyllis to sell - Amanda doubts it’s possible. Lily says she has no problem going head to head with Phyllis.

When The Cat’s Away: Nate and Imani run into each other at Crimson Lights. He asks about Naya and Imani updates him. He asks if there is anything he can do. Imani tells him that getting Elena over to Chancellor-Winters is going to be more difficult than they thought. She says that with Elena at a conference, they’ll just have to work together to figure out the situation. Nate goes to get more coffee and Imani gets on the phone to make a dinner reservation for two.

Trouble in Podcast Paradise? Lily and Billy meet up at Chancellor-Winters, and he informs her Victoria is back in town. He is so relieved and now wants to lighten up his podcast. Lily seems less than thrilled that his inspiration is Victoria.

What Have You Done? Nicholas has joined Nikki and Adam at Newman when Victoria enters. She says leaving with Ashland was the only way she could handle this entire situation. Adam stands up and asks Victoria just what she has done.

as Diane arrives to listen.

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Random Thoughts:

-Does anyone else like the awkward relationship between Nikki and Adam? 

-Why is Ashland coming back to Genoa City? 

-I need Nicholas to be smarter. 

-I need Nate to be smarter. 

-Imani needs to be on our screens WAY more than she is. 

-Is anyone else REALLY looking forward to Victoria’s family meeting? 

What are your random thoughts? We want to hear from YOU! Sound off in the comments below.

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