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Perkie's Observations: Valentin's Loyalty is Tested by Victor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 7, 2022
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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase tells his father and Finn about Brook Lynn's suggestion to make him a pop star and be his manager. Gregory wonders what's wrong with the plan and thinks Chase has some talent. Chase isn't sure it's something he'd want to pursue and explains how Brook Lynn was only doing it to get to Linc. Chase and Finn discuss Liz and how Finn needs to be direct with her and find out what's troubling her.

Ned wonders why Brook Lynn is upset and thinks it has to do with Chase. Brook Lynn says there is nothing between them, but Ned believes Chase cares about her. Ned mentions how Olivia is upset with him for keeping her out of the ELQ conversation. He points out the similarities with Chase.

Brook Lynn complains about the hold Linc has on her songs and how he can do what he wants with them. Ned shows her that Leo uploaded the song Chase sang at his party and how it exploded on social media. Ned tells her to make things right with Chase. Brook Lynn finds Chase at the pool.

Victor has a family ring for Valentin to replace the one he disposed of. Valentin is less than thrilled, but Victor says it represents everything the Cassadines stand for. Valentin tells Victor that Laura is working to have him deported on the grounds of moral turpitude. Victor says he has no plans to leave, but Valentin says it's time for him to find a new home base.

Victor realizes Valentin is not happy with being forced to comply with his orders. Valentin says he's done all he can for Victor, who makes a veiled threat against Charlotte. Valentin accuses Victor of holding Charlotte hostage at her boarding school and says he has no control of his own daughter. Valentin says he's done everything Victor has asked in order to keep Charlotte safe, but warns him that if Victor threatens her again, he will cut his throat. Victor says if Valentin wants time with Charlotte, he's going to help stop Laura's deportation plans.

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Anna and Alexis toast Laura for successfully fighting the mayoral recall campaign. Laura's grateful to everyone who stood up for her. Laura asks Anna how things are going between her and Valentin. Laura brings up Valentin's devotion to Victor, despite Victor's past. She doesn't want Anna to get hurt, but Anna says she feels comfortable with Valentin. Anna says he's still a mystery to her and he's changed since he came out of the clinic. She swears she has her eyes open when it comes to him. Later, Victor eavesdrops as Anna calls the clinic to ask about Valentin.

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Gregory seeks out Alexis at the pool and makes flirty small talk. Alexis brings up the fact that Gregory promised her an op-ed piece in the Invader and didn't follow through. Alexis gets a text from her editor that Gregory sent in a piece after all.

Kevin stops by to check in on Liz and brings Jake to see her. Jake wants her to pack her things and come home, but Liz isn't ready to go. Jake wonders if her parents can pitch in and help. Liz gets upset, but Jake swears he didn't answer his grandparents' email. Liz tells him to let her handle it if they contact him again.

With Jake out of the room, Liz and Kevin discuss Franco, and how he believes Franco would want her to move on with her life. Liz thinks she moved on too quickly. Kevin brings up her reaction to the mention of her parents and believes they are a trigger for her.

Liz says her parents have been absent her whole life and focused on more important things. She says they weren't around for the big events in her life and only sent flowers when Franco died. She says she wants them to stay away from her kids, as Jake and Aiden are vulnerable.

Kevin asks if she ever felt that way, and points out her reaction to the mention of her parents is strong. Liz gets angry and yells that her parents mean nothing to her. Kevin says their relationship is a trigger, but Liz says she has no relationship with her parents because they abandoned her and Sarah when they were kids. She says she left it behind, but Kevin wonders if it followed her everywhere she went, buried deep inside. Kevin promises to help her find answers.

Finn gets to Shadybrook and insists he needs to see Liz, but Kevin says she's gone. 

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